Friday, May 7, 2010

Does Perriello Violate Ten Commandments?

Tom Perriello ran for Congress in 2008 telling everyone that he was a man of deep religious belief and had been called by his faith to service in far off exotic places. He was just a good local boy, one of us, dedicated to helping folks. In Congress, he's managed to keep this act going and is universally declared "pro-life" by the media despite doing absolutely nothing to promote his credentials on the subject. Such easy manipulation of a lazy media is the common Perriello mode of operation. Just check out this Perriello worshiping article from the liberal Washington Post.

Ask freshman Rep. Tom Perriello (D) what his votes in favor of President Barack Obama's economic stimulus plan, cap and trade proposal and health care law mean for him politically and he readily admits he doesn't know.

What he does know is that "people evaluate authenticity", adding: "What people see from me is that I am trying to speak from a place of what makes me tick."

Perriello's authenticity-before-politics mantra has made him a hero to many Democrats -- and a figure of considerable regard in the eyes of the White House -- and simultaneously a top target for Republicans who believe he is voting his own interests and not those of his conservative-leaning 5th district of Virginia.

Yet another article from the liberal media that will be read by out of district liberals about how much of an awesome superhero Tommy Boy is. Look at him, voting his principle while lesser men cower in fear when criticized by Republicans. Look at him stand up for liberal principles over and over again. Why can't everyone else be more like Tommy?

We've heard this before.

This is the exact same treatment that Barack Hussein Obama received every day after his speech before the Democrat convention in 2004. Why can't everyone else be more like Barack? Why can't they speak like Barack? Look like Barack? Obamamania!

So where does Tommy fit into this Obama religion? If Obama is the Messiah, is Perriello Peter? Paul? Hell, ask some of the liberal blogs in love with Tommy and they might argue that Obama is only John the Baptist and Tom's the real deal Messiah!

All this worshiping of Perriello, just like the worship of Obama, is a violation of the Ten Commandments that Perriello claims to take so seriously. Perriello has become an idol to his liberal followers. We might as well plate him in gold!

The sad thing for the God-fearing men and women of the Fifth District is that we know what will happen. Just like Obama had his own cult of personality, Perriello is developing a similar following. Everyone knew that 2010 was going to be a bad year for Democrats because the Obama worshipers from 2008 would have no reason to come out and vote. They care about Obama, not Democrats. But now Tommy Boy has his own following and he may manage to get people to come out not because they like Democrats, but because they worship him. Maybe ACORN workers can serve commune at the polls on election day!

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