Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hurt's Money Woes

Politico is reporting that Robert Hurt has stepped up his fundraising strategy against Tommy Perriello. He's raised $115,000 since April 1st, which is about the same that he raised in twice as long during the first quarter of 2010. Of course we should also note that the original reports about Hurt's fundraising in April overstated his haul, which indicates that Hurt could be closer to $110,000 than $115,000. Who can trust him after his habitual lying about fundraising numbers and trusting Democrat Governor Mark Warner on the budget?

Hurt is also reporting $120,000 cash on hand, which is ironically about the same as the $115,000 that Virgil Goode has on hand. And Goode isn't even running! It's good to see that Hurt has stepped up his fundraising and is doubling his previous lackluster pace. But that still puts him well behind Tommy Boy, who is raising money at a record pace. In the same period as Hurt's fundraising, Perriello raised over $278,00, more than double Hurt! Hurt's $120,000 cash on hand is nothing compared to Perriello's $1,550,000 on hand!! Holy cow!

Supporters of Hurt keep on saying that Hurt will have the money to compete against Perriello. But how? Where are the barrels full of cash that will be dumped into the race after the primary? Why hasn't Hurt tapped into them before the primary? It's looking grim for Hurt right now, where's his bailout?!


  1. NAS, again you show how naive you are as a political commentator! Question: what was Hurt's primary criticism early in the campaign? Hint>>>>>>that he was the "ordained" candidate by the Republican powers in DC.

    With that in mind, how much money would he want to show as contributions in the early stage of the campaign? Hmmmmm? A lot......nope. He would want to only receive enough that showed he was at the top of the pack!

    Now, once the primary is over, he will roll out, solicit, and receive more than enough to defeat the SOCIALIST Democrat Perriello!

  2. Perriello receives alot of Union money, too. And he gets money from Charlie Rangel.

    Will Hurt have to raise a Ton of cash? yep. anybody would.

    this is a curious post. why are you picking on Hurt specifically about this? all the candidates would be in the same boat on 6/9--pretty much broke.

  3. NAS, you candidate Feda has imploded. You also criticize Hurt when all the other candidates havent raised a single dime.