Friday, April 23, 2010

FRC Endorses Feda For Congress

This is HUGE:

The Family Research Council Action political action committee waded into the closely-watched Republican primary in Virginia’s 5th District Thursday, announcing that it is endorsing teacher Feda Morton.

"Feda Morton has proven that she is a true friend of the family. We need men and women who will fight to defend the family, and family budgets, against the extreme agenda of the Left in the House of Representatives," said FRC Action PAC Chairman Tony Perkins. "I am convinced Ms. Morton will do just that.”

. . .

While Perriello campaigned as pro-life during his successful 2008 run against veteran GOP Rep. Virgil Goode, the freshman Democrat has taken criticism from pro-life groups for supporting the health care reform bill. Some in the pro-life community argue that the legislation lacked sufficient restrictions ensuring that the bill would not provide federal funds for abortions.

In this divided primary, Feda Morton has slowly been building up momentum behind her campaign as the strongest social conservative in the field. Social conservatives are the base voters in the Republican Party, the people who loyally go out and work tirelessly for GOP campaigns everywhere. And with recent questions raised about the social conservative credentials of other candidates, I think Morton is in a very good position as we approach the mad dash to the finish line. Good luck Feda!


  1. NAS, congrats to Feda! This is a great endorsement for someone who cannot and will not win the primary! And another strike for Perriello in his mounting campaign to divide the conservative voters in the 5th!

    I, and virtually all of the 5th are anxious to see how the balance of endorsements by special interests courted by Republicans play out in this primary and in this election!

    I do not think this one portends of things to come, do you, NAS?

  2. did this PAC give Feda a big donation? that would be more in line with her needs at this point.

  3. There is only one endorsement that will matter and it probably won't come-Virgil Goode's- no one else's even comes close.

    Morton does seem to have the social conservatives all lined up and with 7 candidates -who knows?

  4. How can any sensible person give a hoot what "Morton Blackwell" thinks. I bet there aren't five people in the 5th who've even heard of him.

  5. 真正的友誼,有如健康失去時,始知其價值..............................

  6. Mr 8:35 (Yu Zhen) is quoting Charles Caleb Colton: friendship is like sound health; the value of it is seldom known until it is lost.

  7. The Family Research Council's willingness to chime in to this race speaks a great deal of Feda Morton's rise among traditional conservatives after a couple of rough debates and shake-ups in campaign staff. Over the last couple of months she's been able to build on her fundraising, bring together a solid campaign team with both paid staff and a strong grassroots effort in the field. She's gaining strong momentum in the community of faith and among social conservative primary voters. Looks like this race is shaping up to be a race between Hurt(establishment country club Republican base) Mckelvey (liberterian and Tea Party activists) and Feda Kidd Morton who seems to be solidifying the tradidtional/moral base....Jerry Falwell, Jr, John Whitlock, George Landrith, Kay Cole James, and now the FRC...looks like a real race to the finish!