Friday, April 9, 2010

Stop Stupid Conservatives!

I know I haven't been posting that much recently and my absence has been greatly missed but after the health care "reform" vote I was pretty burnt out with politics. It's hard to keep going after that sort of crushing defeat for conservatism and the Republican Party. The Republican opposition fumbled at the end in picking the wrong issues to focus on and enabled the Democrats to rally together and pass a historic expansion of government control of the economy and our lives that may never, ever be repealed. I was almost going to drop out of politics entirely.

But here I am. Because I love this country too much to give up just because the Republicans in Washington are more hapless than the French in stopping the expansion of the Obama Reich.

Part of the problem is that there are a lot of well meaning but stupid conservatives out there who undermine our efforts. Terrorists who make threats against Tom Perriello and his family. Idiots who make racist signs at rallies. And morons who write letters to the editor with outright lies in them.

If the health care bill is so extraordinarily wonderful, why has Congress exempted its members and their staff from it? It seems to me that if it is so well thought-out and advantageous, everyone would beg to participate.

No Susan, the truth is that members of Congress and their staff will have to go onto the new exchange.

If this bill is so wonderful, why was the Senate forced to use reconciliation to pass it and the House to use the deem-and-pass option?

No Susan, the truth is that the House did not use the deem and pass option. And be careful about focusing on reconciliation, which is an option to change existing programs to cut costs and lower the deficit. So a Democrat like Tom Perriello can defend the reconciliation as a way to cut down the size of the health care bill even more and remove the kickbacks you mention later.

If it can stand on its own merits, why did the Senate have to bribe members with special exceptions for states where the senators didn’t really want to vote for it?

Good question. Those Senators should be voted out of office. But these special exceptions were removed by reconciliation.

Where in the Constitution does it specifically state the government can force all citizens (except, of course the congressional members, their staffers and the president and his staff) to buy a specific product?

Thank you Susan. It took you a while but you finally got to the biggest problem, although you undermine it by falsely claiming that Congress has granted itself an exemption. That is the key of the multiple lawsuits against the bill. That's what Republicans have to run on. That's why this is socialism. Next time save some space in your letter and focus only on this.

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