Tuesday, April 20, 2010

NRCC Giving Hurt The Cold Shoulder?

Is the NRCC giving their hand picked candidate in the Virginia 5th the cold shoulder?

Someone call up Andy Sere quick and find out!

Just today, the NRCC upgraded several Republican candidates to their Young Guns program. The list included several Virginia Republicans, a fact not lost on the conservative blogs. But even though the NRCC added candidates in competitive primaries, such as in the Virginia 2nd and 11th, they didn't add Robert Hurt.


Hurt doesn't even get on the third tier "On the Radar" list.

Has Hurt's lackluster fundraising, unimpressive campaigning, and overall laziness alienated the big dogs at the NRCC?


  1. Cantor started Young Guns and Hurt's his boy- this doesn't bode well for the Senator Chatham

  2. about the fundraising issue: Sen Hurt was in session much of the 1st qtr. which is very time consuming. This is just a fact. The others were not in session & other than money they loaned themselves, they did not outraise Sen Hurt.

    about the "unimpressive" campaigning issue. Compare the tale of the candidates in Lunenburg County. Many of the candidates send out press releases saying they are coming to the county & will set up at "x" location for a meet & greet. This is certainly a good thing.

    Sen Hurt not only does the above, but he also goes door to door to the banks, the courthouse, local Main St businesses, & 2 of our county's largest businesses.

    I realize that people say he is the "establishment" candidate because he already holds public office. But you could look at that another way--he knows about going door-to-door to get votes rather than hoping voters come to him.

  3. Kelly,

    I dont buy your logic. Hurt's campaign has been lackluster. He sends reps to unit meetings instead of going himself, he is flat on the stump, and he seems uninspired.

    I like Robert and will probably vote for him, but he needs to step his game up if he wants to have any chance of beating TP or winning the primary for that matter.

  4. aaron: I attended function for Sen Hurt last night. He was on fire. The attendees were like "wow" because they got a real "Patrick Henry" conservative/constitutional treat. His staffers were grinning. Sen Hurt is hitting his stride.

    on the night of our mass meeting, Sen Hurt was at the Pittsylvania mass meeting & he sent his campaign mgr to Campbell (I think Campbell). Del. Tommy Wright spoke on Sen. Hurt's behalf. We only had 28 members there & 16 of them were Boyer recruits who won't vote for Hurt in the primary & will probably stay home in November which is another topic of discussion.

  5. My goodness Kelly you are a Hurt zombie- he didn't go to a bunch of mass meetings and the ones he did go to- no one I heard from was WOWed by anything other then what a mediocre speaker he is.

    Hurt's not a shining star and there is little doubt of this. Perriello will wipe the rhetorical floor with your Senator unless he learns how to move a crowd. That's what happens when you run campaigns with a ton more money then your opponents and a heavily republican district in all his past races. Hurt has never run a truly contested race and it shows.

    Your Emperor is naked, he better go find his clothes pretty quickly.

  6. edible: which of the other candidates has ever run a race as large as a House of Delegates race?

    this is about beating Perriello. Perriello's policies are bad for this country & really bad for our district. What is unemployment in Martinsville right now? add to that suffering there the add'l taxes that will be coming to pay for Perriello's votes.

    and I strongly disagree with you. Robert Hurt will take on Perriello & whip him.

  7. Kelly, you are being absurd. Griffith had session too and didn't do a stellar fundraising job but make it onto the list. Does the NRCC think that Boucher is more vulnerable than Perriello?

    Hurt's House of Delegates races were a cake walk. You could have won them with the R next to your name.

  8. thank you, Not Andy Sere.

    (not thank you for the absurd comment, but for the I could have won a House race comment).

  9. I'd vote for you. You seem like a dedicated Republican.

  10. NAS, my politically naive friend! You chastise Hurt for his fundraising success yet, other than their OWN money, most of his opponents are having a rough time raising more than $30k in a 3 month period!

    And, you have been one of the constant nay-sayers about Robert's support from some establishment Republican organs and officials, along with thousands of independent and Republican 5th district voters!

    Now you're trying to make political hay out of the apparent public reluctance of just one organ of the Republican party to hang another public crown on Robert's head? Jeez, NAS, read between the lines, sonny! Are you that naive? Or just that inexperienced?

    Either way, you need to go back to "politicians' school" and "git some learning, boy"! Verga deserves better than this from his paid blooger-boy!!!

  11. One organization VaPatriot? It was Cantor that recruited Hurt and now leaves him out to dry. This is a big deal and has raised eyebrows all over the 5th.

    I do agree that Hurt has raised a lot of money (much to his credit) but how much of it was with Cantor's help? The self funders still have to convinced voters on election day but the drop off in fundraising by Hurt means some big money will sit out the primary out and just give when it's over- that is very bad for Hurt.

    Kelly I just want to point out that Perriello had never run a race ever and he was able to win. Anyone who can win this primary will have been tested and will get money- the real question is will tea party and social conservatives come home to Hurt if he wins. I would hope so but it's an open question.

  12. My question to both you, edible, and you, NAS, is this:

    ....just what would you be saying about Hurt if the NRCC had given Hurt the Young Gun status? Hmmmmm? .........I rest my case!

  13. You rest you case on what?
    Is it more noteworthy because Hurt didn't get named as a Young Gun? No it is so much more than that, it shatters the myth of the inevitability of Hurt's nomination. It would have cost Cantor ZERO to name Hurt a Young Gun and yet he did not. You really don't think it means anything?

    They must hear McKelvey's $500,000 footsteps and the NRCC boys are impressed enough to let Hurt dangle. If you can't see that then nothing I can say will change you mind. Just cross you fingers and vote for Hurt- it may still all work out.

  14. Edible, you're not looking deep enough, son!!!
    Does it now deflect the criticism that he is an "establishment-picked" candidate?

  15. Hurt was the establishment picked candidate and now he may be the establishment ignored one- They aren't mutually exclusive. They is nothing deep about that. Welcome to the RNCC- where their word is there bond, right up until it's not

    And calling me son is wrong on so many levels

  16. I always call a naive politico "son" when they think they understand what is happening and they, in reality, are so far from the truth that they need some "learning"!

  17. Your colloquial use of southern dialect is telling and your attempt to divine my level of political sophistication is quite amusing as well.

    However it's your lack of actual logic, argument, facts, and analysis that reveal you as the Hurt loving blog troll, you truly are. I look forward to your next "I know you are but what am I" with breathless anticipation. But if you'd like to depart some actual explanation of what you alone seem to clearly understand, please have at it.

  18. What you cannot get away from is the fact so obvious to all (including the range from NRCC to Tea Party): that McKelvey is a wild man who would not have a chance of winning in a quasi-moderate District like the 5th. Does anyone remember how Obama and Perriello scored throughout the 5th? Anyone who attributes that to nothing but O's coat-tails must be from another planet. The 5th is hugely dependent upon the very government hand-outs that arch conservatives want to stop. Perriello is shrewdly and blatantly buying up voters everywhere with the Obma/Pelosi sugarcakes. These are the reasons that Hurt is the only chance we've got--and I would never suggest that his election is certain or easy. That's why, in the end, the NRCC and (I hope) our/my Tea Party crowd will coalesce around Hurt. He may not be everything I like or you like, but he has the ingredients needed to go against Perriello without alienating and energizing the huge welfare vote in the 5th.

    I'm voting for Hurt in the Primary.