Thursday, October 29, 2009

RINOs: An Endangered Species

Back in 2004, a group of so-called Republicans crossed over to support then Governor Mark Warner's $1.8 billion tax increase. In the House of Delegates nineteen Republicans crossed over while the State Senate had fifteen RINOs (Republicans In Name Only). First, let's take a quick look at the Republicans who held the line and voted against the tax increase. They include then Delegate Bob McDonnell (soon to be Governor), then State Senator Bill Bolling (soon to be reelected Lt. Governor), and State Senator Ken Cuccinelli (soon to be elected Attorney General). That's a pretty good group to be included in.

The tax raising liberals?

First, take a look at some of the RINOs in the House:

Delegate Preston Bryant- Jumped ship to take a cabinet appointment from tax raising Tim Kaine. His seat went Democrat in a special election.

Delegate Jim Dillard- Retired rather than face the voters. He then endorsed the Democrat running to take the open seat. Has now endorsed Creigh Deeds!

Delegate Joe May- Still around, but faced a 2005 primary fight that was relatively close for an incumbent (59% to 41%).

Delegate Harry Parrish- Won an even closer 2005 primary fight 55% to 45%. Retired and the Republicans held on 2007 with Jackson Miller.

Delegate Robert Orrock- Won a similarly close 2005 primary fight 55% to 45%.

Delegate Gary Reese- Defeated in a 2005 primary fight by Chris Craddock, but Craddock went on to be narrowly defeated by a Democrat.

Delegate Vince Callahan- Retired in 2007 and his seat was taken by a Democrat.

Delegate Charles Carrico- Tried to take on Congressman Boucher in 2006. Being a tax hiking Republican didn't help and he lost 32% to 68%.

And those in the State Senate?

Senator John Chichester- Has retired and endorsed Creigh Deeds for Governor. Republicans held onto his seat in 2007 barely.

Senator Jeannemarie Devolites- Defeated by a Democrat in 2007.

Senator Emmett Hanger- Narrowly won his 2007 Republican primary 53% to 47%.

Senator Charles Hawkins- Retired and handed his seat over to then Delegate Rob Hurt, who also voted for the tax increase.

Senator Bill Mims- Left to work for then Attorney General Bob McDonnell. Democrats took his seat in a speical election.

Senator Tommy Norment- Still around, but may be having some problems . . .

Senator Russ Potts- Left party, ran for Governor in 2005, crazy. Endorsed Creigh Deeds.

Senator Ken Stolle- Denied nomination to Congress in 2nd District because of vote to raise taxes. Currently running for Sheriff of Virginia Beach to pad his retirement.

Senator Marty Williams- Defeated in 2007 in the Republican primary because of this vote and his support for Kaine's transportation fees plan. Democrats narrowly took the seat. Last seen endorsing Creigh Deeds for Governor.

Senator Walter Stosch- Narrowly won his 2007 primary 51% to 49%!

So what's the track record for these RINOs? A lot have jumped shipped rather than face the voters. Others have had a tough time convincing their fellow Republicans to keep them around. Several have been defeated. And a surprising number have crossed over other times, be it to support Kaine's transprotation fees plan or endorsing Creigh Deeds for Governor.

Makes you wonder what now State Senator Rob Hurt has planned for his political future.

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  1. Lest you be accused of rewriting history, Harry Parrish did not retire. He won reelection with 61% of the vote in 2005, and died in March 2006. Jackson Miller won a special election in November 2006 and the general in 2007, both against Jeanette Rishell.