Thursday, October 1, 2009

Vote for Conservatives, Not Republicans

It may come as a surprise but I consider myself a conservative first and foremost and a Republican only by accident. Voting for a conservative, regardless of party label, is more important than voting for a Republican. I have no problem with voting for a conservative Democrat, if you can find me one. Or a conservative Independent. Or a conservative Whig. Or even a conservative Mugwump.

So that's why I'm in full support of Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman in the special election in New York's 23rd district. The "Republican" candidate is a liberal and total RINO. Don't believe me. Check out her latest supporter: liberal blogger Markos.

Sure, she is a Republican, and opposes the public option. But she's been willing to raise taxes when budgets require it, and is to the left of most Democrats on social issues (including supporting gay marriage).

Markos also notes she's been supported by the Working Families Party in the past. This Working Families Party. She's not just a moderate Republican, she's an out and out liberal who has somehow managed to secure the Republican Party nomination.

I have no problem voting for a third party conservative even if the Republicans are in a close election. It's not worth it to help elect a liberal mole who will work from inside our Grand Old Party to destroy America. I feel that way about New York Liberal Dede Scozzafava. And if he runs, I'll feel the same way about New York Liberal Rob Hurt.

Recently I had some heated criticism for the latest candidate in the 5th District of Virginia, Michael McPadden. I stand by my remarks but still welcome him warmly to the race. But I do want to highlight a response to my remarks that he posted at Bill Hays's blog.

The point of my article wasn’t to say that Democrats are always bad for small business and Republicans are always good. The point was that in statewide and especially national politics voting for the party makes more sense, than voting for individuals, and in the case of the small farmer and small businessman, the Republicans are the horse to bet on in this race. I probably did not make that point as clear as I could have. I will do better in the future.

. . .

Once again when it comes to national politics I stand by my original statement. If you are a small farmer, a family farmer, an organic farmer, or a micro farmer, I have news for you. The Democrats are not your friends. Big government (read Democrat party) is at war with the independence and freedom that comes with being a small businessman and a small farmer. Learn it, live it, love it.

Here is my advice for Michael McPadden, who honestly seems not only half way there but maybe three quarters to the right message. It's not a question of just Democrat versus Republican. Almost, but not 100%. Just look at this race in New York. You have three candidates. You could say you have a Democrat, a Republican, and an Independent. But you could also say you have two liberals and one conservative.

The fight in national politics is between liberals and conservatives. Yes most of the liberals are Democrats. But a handful are Republicans! Frankly I'm more on guard against liberal Republicans than I am against liberal Democrats. And in a Republican Party nomination fight, which McPadden just joined as one of five, focusing on your conservative credentials is more important to me than attacking Perriello. We already know he's a liberal. Now tell me why you're better than the other guys running.

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  1. We are facing a similar problem in Florida with the current "Republican" governor who is now running for the US Senate. I've been a Republican all my life and held my nose and voted for RINO's (ie. Charlie Crist, John McCain, George Bush and Bob Dole) and I will not do it any more. If a RINO makes it on the ticket I will vote for a write-in candidate. In my opinion voting for RINOs has not accomplished anything and has contributed to the mess our country is currently in. If Republicans had faithfully and consistently fought for and passed Conservative measures our country would not be in the crisis it is in economically and socially.