Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Challenger to Perriello Fumbles, Falters, Fails.

The word on the Internet is that a new challenger to Tom Perriello has emerged: Michael McPadden. That makes five official candidates so far: Bradley Rees, Laurence Verga, Feda Morton, Ken Boyd, and now Michael McPadden. Tucker Watkins's cup runneth over!

Now McPadden, like Rees, is something of a blogger. So I decided to check out his latest rants and ramblings to get a better understanding of the man who would be Congressman.

Three words.

Fumbles, Falters, Fails.

First, where in the world (or reality) is Hoduras? If Verga needs a map of the district then McPadden needs a map of the world.

Second, take a look at his discussion of an important local issue in the Virginia 5th: locally grown foods. An odd mixture of mostly rural counties with the crunchy city of Charlottesville, the 5th is the type of place where the local foods movement carries some degree of clout. Check out VICFA, the Virginia Independent Consumers and Farmers Association, for more information.. Here's what McPadden has to say:

I noticed that at this years annual farm food voices event hosted by Virginia Independent Consumers and Farmers association (VICFA) there were three politicians in attendance; Creigh Deeds, Tom Perriello, and Cynthia Neff, all democrats. I have no doubt that these three were invited by VICFA but the question is why? The two biggest issues on the VICFA website are HR2749 and NAIS. These two issues are like kryptonite to these people.

HR 2749 is called the “Food Safety Enhancement Act”, which does nothing to enhance the safety of anything except the size of big government. This bill is an anathema to small farmers and gardeners everywhere. The bottom line on this bill is that if you have a small farm or even a small vegetable garden in the back yard the government now has the right to inspect that garden in the name of food safety, without need of that bothersome search warrant thingy or any other paperwork. I know that this sounds too Orwellian, but it is true. NAIS is the National Animal Identification System. This is just another big government plan to control the production of farm animals. Yes if you have a chicken in the backyard you will be included and there will be paperwork to be filled out.

The funny part here is that these are both big government democrat plans. They were both introduced by democrats and they were both supported primarily by democrats, which brings us back to the question of why would VICFA be inviting democrats to their annual gathering? They should have used the opportunity to throw rotten tomatoes at them.

If you are a small farmer, a family farmer, an organic farmer, or a micro farmer, I have news for you. The Democrats are not your friends. Big government (read Democrat party) is at war with the independence and freedom that comes with being a small businessman and a small farmer. Learn it, live it, love it.

Now let's look at this objectively. I don't know and don't care about Cynthia Neff's views on this issue. But Creigh Deeds has been out in front on this issue and in a good way:

In the General Assembly session that will kick off this week, State Senator Creigh Deeds will introduce an amendment to the state code that regulates the inspections required to operate a food establishment. Deeds’ amendment would exclude “[p]rivate homes where the resident processes and prepares food products, provided that such products (i) are sold to an individual for his own consumption; (ii) are labeled ‘NOT FOR RESALE—PROCESSED AND PREPARED WITHOUT STATE INSPECTION’; and (iii) do not require a license for their production and sale.”

. . .

“If you and I as the consumer choose to buy that product and we’re aware that we’re buying at our own risk and from someone who has not met all the government regulations, we ought to be able to do that,” Deeds says. “It’s freedom of choice.”

Now here's Tom Perriello and again and again. And voting against H.R. 2749 and voting against it again.

McPadden attacks Perriello and Deeds for NAIS and H.R. 2749 because they are Democrats. He ignores that they have actually been very supportive of the local foods movement. This guilt by association is a disgusting tactic and I'm glad that other conservatives in the 5th District will have none of it. Here's Bill Hay attacking Cynthia Neff for her attempt to go after Rob Bell by lumping in all Republicans together.

What's even worse is McPadden is totally ignorant that NAIS was a REPUBLICAN IDEA created by the USDA under the Bush Administration.

How can McPadden be so out of touch?

Maybe it's his approach to politics. Here's his comment on why the local foods movement needs to be a Republican constituency:

I don't think that anyone should be surprised that the Democrats introduced and supported HB2749, they are the party of big government after all, but the Republicans are supposed to be the party of limited government and free markets, it says so on their website, if that then is part of your party platform how do you vote for this bill.

McPadden believes that if a party says something on their website and platform is must be true.

McPadden announces . . . .

fumbles . . .

falters . . .


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  1. Sorry, but NAIS was NOT a republican idea put forth by the Bush guys. It has been growing since well before that, and under Goodlatte as ag chariman was stalled. The USDA then began pushing on the states to implement, something Wisconsin has taken quickly to (they now have mandatory premises ID).
    Keep everyone on their toes! And tom voted against hr2749, unlike 54 so called republicans.