Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Morning After . . .

How did I do?

Let's see.

My Prediction: McDonnell +16
Results: McDonnell +18

Lt. Governor
My Prediction: Bolling +14
Results: Bolling +12

Attorney General
My Prediction: Cuccinelli +22
Results: Cuccinelli +16

House of Delegations
My Prediction: GOP +6
Results: GOP +6 or +7, pending recount.
Specific Delegate Races:


3rd (Morefield over Bowling) YES!
32rd (Greason over Poisson) YES!
21st (Villanueva over Mathieson) RECOUNT!
23rd (Garrett over Valentine) YES!
51st (Anderson over Nichols) YES!
64th (Clark over Barlow) NO. :(
67th (LeMunyon over Caputo) YES!
83rd (Stolle over Bouchard) YES!

CLOSE CALLS (Narrow Democratic Holds)

34th (Vanderhye over Comstock) NO, but in a good way!
35th (Keam over Hyland) YES!

DEMOCRATIC PICK-UPS (Few and far between!)

52nd (Torian over Lopez) YES!
42nd (Werkheiser over Albo) NO, but in a good way!


14th (Democrat Seward Anderson vs. Republican Danny Marshall) Not even close!

What did I miss?

Republican and scandal plagued incumbent Phil Hamilton being defeated by Democrat Robin Abbott. I thought that Hamilton was out working Abbott and was favored at the end with the momentum on his side. But I guess there's a level of corruption voters can't handle.

Here's to next year!

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  1. I'm going to have to subscribe to your RSS feed.

    If I had seen your "One to watch" 14th District prediction, I'd have talked about it on our TV coverage. :)