Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Morton Builds Momentum!

Here is the latest press release from the Feda Morton for Congress campaign about her growing list of big name endorsements in the race.

Congressional candidate Feda Morton announced today that her campaign has received the endorsement of two Republican National Committee members. National Committeeman Morton Blackwell of Arlington, and National Committeewoman Kathy Hayden Terry of Botetourt, agreed that Feda Morton is the Virginia GOP's best hope to replace liberal Democrat Congressman Tom Periello with a principled and proven conservative.

Blackwell is one of the longest-serving members of the Republican National Committee, having first been elected in 1988. In 2004, Blackwell was elected to the RNC Executive Committee. Blackwell served in the Reagan White House; his education and training center, The Leadership Institute, has trained a generation of conservative candidates and grassroots activists.

"I've known Feda Morton for years," said Blackwell. "She is a conservative's conservative who will not compromise her principles when she gets to Washington. Feda's commitment to limited government and an America as envisioned by our Founding Fathers is unwavering. Feda will be a true conservative leader in Congress."

Kathy Terry has been a fixture in conservative and Republican politics in Virginia for quarter century. Previously to serving on the RNC, Terry was a longtime member of the Republican Party of Virginia's State Central Committee.

Terry mentioned her years of working side-by-side with Morton as a grassroots conservative activist. "Feda understands the conservative grassroots of Republican Party because she is a part of that grassroots. Feda has never shied away from standing up for her beliefs; she has been a tireless advocate for the conservative principles of life and liberty, and she will continue to do so in the House of Representatives."

Feda Morton said she was honored to have the support of these two national republican leaders. "Morton Blackwell and Kathy Terry are known and respected leaders of the conservative movement and the Republican Party, both nationally and here at home. These two know the type of candidates our Party needs to nominate for Congress if we are to be victorious in 2010. Their endorsement of my campaign is a strong signal to those who share our conservative principles, and those who want to see our Party again fully embrace those principles in the future."

Blackwell and Terry join other noted conservative leaders in endorsing Feda Morton's campaign for Congress. Earlier this week, Mike Farris announced his endorsement of Morton. Farris is the founder and Chairman of the Home School Legal Defense Association, a group dedicated to the protection of the rights of home educators across the nation.

Feda Morton is seeking the Republican nomination for Congress in Virginia's Fifth Congressional District. She teaches AP biology at Fluvanna High School, is a former state championship basketball and track coach, past Chairman of the Fluvanna Republican committee, and twice elected to the Fluvanna School Board.

It looks like Morton is continuing to build big name support for her campaign to rival Rob Hurt's "NRCC approved" campaign. But I have not hear Morton take on the issues that would define her as a better candidate than the less than conservative Hurt. But this December will be a key month as candidates try to raise funds to show that they are serious candidates for the nomination. And we'll watch to see what the result will be of the meeting to decide the nomination process. Stay tuned.

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