Tuesday, November 10, 2009

NRCC's Andy Sere SLAMS Rep. Goodlatte Over Earmark

Just received word that Andy Sere, regional spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Committee, has sent out a press release SLAMMING Representative Bob Goodlatte over his two press releases highlighting earmarks worth $251,000 and $1.016 million for the 6th District of Virginia. But these earmarks were in an Energy & Water Appropriations bill that Goodlatte voted AGAINST. Here's what Andy Sere had to say:

"There’s an inherent contradiction there," Sere said, "and I would just say that no matter the excuse, it’s simply unacceptable to take credit for an earmark that you voted against, and that’s the issue here."

Wait, what? That was a press releasing attacking Tom Perriello for doing the same thing that neighbor Bob Goodlatte did? The same thing Virgil Goode did? The same thing that even anti-big government Republicans like Ron Paul take part in? Are you going to tell me that Andy Sere is embracing a double standard? Say it ain't so Joe.

Could it be that the bigger problem is with the earmark process? A process so open to corruption that even the otherwise useless Eric Cantor has sworn it off? And leading conservatives like Jeff Flake and others refuse to take part in?

What's fascinating is that the NRCC pushed this hit job on Perriello and his earmarks and Perriello's office fumbled the ball. Perriello just ends up looking like an idiot totally unprepared to defend his voting record and position. Isn't this the same Perriello that was pushing for earmark reform just months ago?

Perriello's independent streak has no time for rank-and-file allegiance. He has made haste to challenge entrenched House practices.

He's already pushed for transparency that requires members to post on their Web sites requests for earmarks. And now, he has signed on as an original cosponsor of a bill that would prohibit members from taking campaign contributions and awarding earmarks to the same people.

It's a courageous move, made all the more so because Perriello isn't just challenging the opposition party but is taking on power brokers within his own Democratic Party. Few are more powerful, more wedded to earmarks, more capable of dealing out harsh punishment to those who buck them than John P. Murtha.

What happened to Perriello's fight for transparency in government? For reforming earmarks? For voting consistently to investigate the ties between campaign contributions and earmarking by not just Murtha, but PMA's lackey Jim Moran. The guy who defeated Virgil Goode (R-MZM) last year? The guy using earmarks as "game changers" for the local economy?

Perriello ought to know that Andy Sere and the NRCC are out for blood. Sere's spam e-mails after the health care vote should show that. But if Perriello has any hopes to hang onto office, he needs to bring his A game. Letting himself get hit by the local editorial board that helped put him over Goode last year was an unforced error. It's time to play ball Tommy Boy.

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