Thursday, February 11, 2010

Perriello's Anti-Israel Ties

I am officially holding off on blogging about PPP's new poll on the race in the 5th District until Republican Primary numbers are released tomorrow. For now, I will continue to look at the concerning and radical foreign policy agenda that Tom Perriello is pushing.

Yesterday I blogged about how Perriello, a virtual unknown back in 2007 when he started his campaign to bring down Virgil Goode, remains a blank slate for many voters in the district. What did Perriello do abroad? Who funded his work? What is his ultimate agenda? These are questions that need answers.

I also mentioned Charles Krauthammer's article "Decline is a Choice." Part of the problem with Obama's foreign policy agenda is that it is turning up-side-down our list of friends and enemies. From the start, he has been applying pressure on Israel to back down on issues of security and survival. Liberals don't like Israel and don't support the policies needed to defend our strongest ally, and most thriving democracy, in the Middle East. And Tom Perriello is just another pea in the anti-Israel pod. I have to give props to the Reasonable Response blog for already bringing attention to this issue.

J-Street is funded by George Soros, the backer of a number of radical left organizations. And while it bills itself as pro-Israel and pro-peace, it actually is neither. It is so anti-Israel that Israel’s Ambassador to the US refused to attend a J-Street conference because the policies advocated by the organization would seriously harm Israel. In fact, J-Street displays a consistent track record of hostility towards Israel. Yet the group likes Perriello. And when an interest group likes a candidate enough to endorse him before an opponent has even been selected, you can be pretty sure it believes the candidate supports the policies it is promoting.

Israel, a democracy and our strongest ally in the Middle East, deserves better from Perriello. He should publicly repudiate the J-Street endorsement and refuse any campaign contributions the organization might make.

I bring this issue up because it's one thing to be worried about Tom Perriello's ties to J Street and George Soros. But it is even more worrying when placed within the context of Perriello's radical foreign policy agenda and his work abroad. I am sure that many liberal Democrats backed by J Street have no real interest in bringing down America's hegemony. They just do what the liberal power brokers tell them to. But Perriello is at the vanguard of a radical revolution trying to tear down America's hegemony and put our national security in the hands of the UN and other international bodies. He is not a pawn in this game. He's one of the leading fighters.


  1. Who is releasing Republican Primary numbers tomorrow? PPP?

  2. i agree with your entire post. and I hope you will repeat it later in the election cycle.

    but i am more fascinated with the Republican side right now. on your tweets, people say that if Hurt gets nomination, a 3d party might run. what's the over/under on that race? i think Perriello would win it. and that is very bad for the 5th & for our country.

  3. PPP is releasing primary numbers tomorrow from their poll of the district.

  4. There's nothing going on in the Virginia blogosphere more important than the information provided here. This is what the election must be about--exposing a destructive force that has arisen from our own ranks and replacing him with someone who possesses instincts that will serve America--not destroy us. We should all be grateful. Whoever is Not Andy Sere is doing a great service for us all. Thank you.