Monday, February 1, 2010

Tucker Watkins: GO AWAY!

Doesn't that sorry sack of shit otherwise known as Tucker Watkins have anything better to do with his time than trolling the Danville Register & Bee website spreading rumors about the guy who is a Congressman now because of his complete and total bungling of Congressman Goode's reelection campaign?

Maybe exile himself from Virginia, or at least the Virginia 5th? He's done enough already to elect Tom Perriello. His behind the scenes manipulation of the county chairs to favor a primary to boost Robert Hurt's chances may end up guaranteeing Perriello another term. The least Tucker can do for us now is hide under a rock for a long, long time.

Mark my words, the longer Hurt depends on scum of the earth like Tucker Watkins (of Purple Heart fame) and Chris LaCivita (of Switch Boat fame) the more likely the campaign against Perriello will be based not on politics but the dirty personal attacks that Tucker favors. The "brilliant" idea of trying to attack a guy born in the district as a "New York lawyer" failed in 2008 and I'm sure Tucker's next strategy will end the same way. Bradley Rees is spot on:

Bradley Rees, a Bedford County conservative blogger, radio host and former congressional candidate, disagrees with Perriello’s beliefs — but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t respect him.

“Tom Perriello is a man of principle,” Rees said. “He will come out and state his principles on any given agenda item and you can expect him to vote that way … I admire his principles. I admire his stance on what he believes. I just happen to not believe the same thing.

“He is vulnerable because he has a ‘D’ after his name, frankly. There’s a lot of anti-Democrat sentiment. The letters after the name shouldn’t be the important thing. We should focus on their principles.”

People are angry at Perriello for how he votes and being a Democrat. If the campaign is about the candidates as persons, guess what, Tommy Boy is a likable guy! Certainly more than Robert Hurt, who can't be bothered with silly things like debates and talking to the voters.


  1. I bet you weren't calling Chris LaCivita scum of the earth when he was working for Ken Cuccinelli last year. You just hate him now because none of the "conservative" candidates have any support or any money in the bank so they obviously can't hire a good consultant like LaCivita.

  2. I agree its time for Tucker to go away and that is exactly what will happen we Bill Stanley is elected Fifth District Chairman.

  3. Chris LaCivita a "good" consultant. That is hands down the funniest thing I've heard all day. There is nothing like a consultant that counsels you to retract your commitment to the GOP Tea Party debates in which every single other candidate is attending. There is nothing like a consultant that helps you drive a HUGE wedge between his candidate (Hurt) and a faction of constituents in the 5th (tea party folks) who are mobilized and mad at the "establishment" candidate already. Yeah, I tell you what, LaCivita is an AWESOME consultant. /sarcasm

  4. Gotta give you a "Wrong" check on this one.

    You may not like Tucker Watkins, but he deserves better than "sorry sack of shit" and "scum of the earth".

  5. Dana:

    Sad to say, it was a smart move for Hurt to skip the Tea Party series of debates because if he had attended them...

    1) He'd have became the main target for the others to snipe at

    2) He had no chance to get any of the teapartiers votes anyway, considering they're vilifying him for his (gasp!) vote for a tax increase.

    As long as these people keep yelling that "Robert Hurt is not conservative" bullshit, Hurt should wisely steer clear of these people.

  6. SouthsideCentral,

    Have you ever actually watched Tucker Watkins at political events? Mocking Veterans with the Purple Heart? Demeaning his political opponents? I feel certain than when he dies we can donate his body to the Smithsonian as a missing link between man and ape.

    Also, Dana's point wasn't that Hurt should or shouldn't have skipped the debates. The point was that he shouldn't have agreed to them and then back out on the advice of his "good" consultant.

  7. 1: Chris LaCavita is top notch. or do you forget Allen's gubernatorial victory or the impact of Swift Boat veterans on the presidential campaign? or the election of Cuccinelli?

    2: Bradley Rees is entitled to his opinion that Perriello is a man of principle. Perriello went to over a dozen townhalls where Obamacare was denounced. The entire 5th district was against it (note our Va legislators from 5th District vote against mandates yesterday). But because Perriello himself wanted to help Nancy Pelosi, he voted for it.--Perriello's #1 principle should be representing his constituents which he does not do.

  8. Kelley-

    I'll agree with you on LaCivita. He's a good consultant. I think Hurt's problem stems more from CM Sean Harrison who, in person, comes across as a foul-mouthed and arrogant frat boy who has no understanding of the Tea Party Movement, much less the shifting political tide in this country.

    We are in a very unique moment in American history where the spirit of the Sons Of Liberty has been rekindled, and the political tactics that were so effective for Bush in '04 or even for Cuccinelli last November are not going to work as well this year.

    Personal attacks will fall on deaf ears, because we've grown thicker skins after being called 'racists,' 'teabaggers,' 'evil-mongers,' and 'ignorant rednecks.'

    Politicians running as the 'alternative' to some undefined 'worse' politician will no longer be believed, much less entrusted with OUR power any longer.

    And, because of this new-found lack of trust (that for FAR too long has lain dormant in this country), you'll be able to take your 'political pedigree,' 'proven fundraiser,' or 'proven election winner,' couple it with about a buck-fifty, and still be turned away from the counter at your local Starbucks.

    They're simply not selling anything we're willing to buy anymore.
    As for my statement about Tom Perriello's principles, I urge you to find video or audio of Tom from the Cap & Trade or Health Care town hall meetings that does not line up perfectly with his votes on those issues. Go to his YouTube channel (as I have) and watch his floor speeches on any given topic, then study his voting record (again, as I have. Here: ), and let me know if you find any discrepancies between the two. I haven't yet.

    Tom Perriello can be defeated by anyone currently in the race (including Independent and rumored Independent candidates), but only if the campaign is based on facts. Lying about Tom's voting record, constituent services, or place of birth (for God's sake!) are NOT tactics that will work. The sooner we come to terms with that fact, the better prepared we will be.

    Sorry for my rather lengthy pontification, NAS.

  9. Whoever the lower than slime person is who runs this blog needs to crawl back under his rock and never be seen again. Clearly he does not have the courage to stand up but instead throws out garbage, misinformation, and near slander at people who have worked hard for years to advance a conservative agenda.

    First, his slander of LaCivita, a purple heart recipient who was the key person to bring light upon John Kerry' sorry service history is just false. La Civita is one of the hardest working and principled people in the business. Ask George Allen or Cuccinelli. If you have any guts at all you will show up at the Lynchburg Debate and tell him you wrote this slime. See where that gets you.

    Likewise, Watkins was doing nothing on the Register and Bee site but bringing to light what Perriello himself admitted was a poor job of constituent service and defending Virgil from the claims of hidden people who tried to defend him. Was that you again who has no guts to reveal your name there either ? There was no rumor. You are lying when you say so. Talk about slime. You are below slime.

    Watkins is a multiple decorated vet himself, serving in the 101st in Viet Nam as a volunteer. His Purple Heart band aid was given to him by Morton Blackwell and if you listened to the interview, you would know It was to bring to light how Kerry had gamed to system to get out of Viet Nam as quickly as he could. Thank you Tucker.

    Watkins took a district whose prior chairman hardly ever visited a unit and goes about 30,00 miles a year. He won the award as the best volunteer of the year in Virginia, has helped transform the district from one with mostly Democrats to one with mostly Republicans. He is acknowledged statewide for his hard work even traveling to Steve Hunt's district to try and help conservatives win. You crawl out from under a rock and want to malign him with rumor and innuendo. You are like the guys who used to shoot people in the back because you don't have the courage to tell them face to face. I would bet Watkins will be at the debate also. Tell him you wrote this.

    You are clearly someone whose reputation is one that if you put your name on this drivel, others would pay no attention to it at all so you hide and attack like the coward you are.

    Watkins put his name up at the Register and Bee site. Why don't you do likewise if you have any guts at all

  10. Being a veteran doesn't give you a free pass thru life. LaCivita has slimed other veterans- Sen. Webb for one. Is that the Allen race I should ask about BTW? I'm kind of tired of people giving anyone but Cuccinelli credit for his race. Ken was his own man and worked his tail off. I don't remember LaCivita taking all the heat for Ken-ever.

    Tucker Watkins may be a very nice man but he is a political hack that is the perhaps the reason we no longer have Virgil Goode as our congressman.(that should be enough for anyone here) He is a hack because he lied and has already taken sides in this very race instead of being fair.

    LaCivita is the spokesman who never lets Sen. Hurt say anything- that almost never happened with the other two candidates. Hurt seems to be the candidate of Washington and not the 5th- If all I get from him is his glossy ads and tv ads, Hurt will lose badly.

  11. sonofliberty2k10 said: "Tom Perriello can be defeated by anyone currently in the race (including Independent and rumored Independent candidates), but only if the campaign is based on facts"


    Hurt would start off at 50/50. McPadden, Boyd and possibly Verga are the only other candidates that would have a greater than 20% chance of knocking off Perriello.

    Morton, Ferrin and McKelvey have a ZERO % chance of defeating Perriello. This just in, there's a new independent candidate from Danville. Add Jeff Clark to the ZERO % list.

  12. Southsidecentral you seem to forget that 3 years ago no one outside of Charlottesville had ever heard the name Perriello. The real fear is that there are still 4 or 5 candidates in June and someone limps away with a 33% win. That is Tommy boy's wet dream.
    I think Verga can't win anything and I haven't seen enough of McKelvey to know if he's a joke or someone to watch. Hurt seems wounded. Will Boyd get enough money, can McPadden get any? The rest of your ratings I agree with.

  13. Wow, Southside. You sound pretty sure of yourself.
    Now, for something completely different, let us apply a little logic:

    If Hurt were to start off at 50/50, then WHO, pray tell, would those 50 percent (presumably Republicans) vote for if he's not the nominee? Perriello?

    What an asinine load of drivel. (All due respect.)