Thursday, March 18, 2010

Perriello's Perfect End Game

We are just days, if not hours, away from a final vote on the Democrat health care "reform" package and the Republican Party, particularly the NRCC, is allowing Tom Perriello to position himself perfectly for victory.

You heard me right.

Let's recap what the Republican Party is doing. In the final hours before the Democrat majority passes a massive government take over of health care, a take over that includes a slate of new taxes and Big Brother forcing you to buy their health insurance, the Republican Party is focused on the secondary issues of abortion and parliamentary procedure.

Don't get me wrong. I'm pro-life. I'm pro-democracy and pro-Constitution. What the Democrats are doing is total sleaze. But I'm not now nor will ever be a swing voter. I'm smart enough to see through the Democrat lies.

First, the NRCC's Andy Sere foolishly pounced on an offhand comment by Perriello on MSNBC to claim that he was backing away from his pledge to oppose federal funding of abortion. This gave Perriello the chance to reinforce his pledge, which was spread across the district.

This might have worked if the NRCC felt confident that they could trap Perriello as a hypocrite if he later voted for the Senate version of the bill AND if they convincingly argued that it did allow for federal funding of abortion. But in a masterful attack on the Republican Party, Perriello came out firing from both barrels to argue that the Senate language was good enough. The district coverage is comprehensive. The supporters, from Catholic Hospitals to local Virginia professors, are strong. And now Perriello has Catholic groups running ads in the district backing him up, citing a group Perriello founded!!!!!

Andy Sere has been caught with his pants down. Perriello has totally out played the Republicans on this one and has left Sere crying on the side lines like Vanderbilt against St. Murray. This has become a story of "He says, she says" in which the Republicans can cite their pro-life organizations and Catholic bishops while Perriello has his Catholic nuns and other religious organizations. A swing voter isn't going to know who to believe, but they are going to know that Perriello manages to get called "pro-life" in almost every article out there without having done or said ANYTHING to define himself as "pro-life."

So now that Perriello has neutralized the issue of abortion, he's turned to the parliamentary procedure. Or the insider baseball crap, as he calls it. Once again, Perriello is able to vote against his party on something meaningless and look like the good Catholic choir boy who believes in fairness and transparency.

If the Republican Party doesn't move fast, Perriello will be able to vote for a "reconciled" health care bill that fixes the most "offensive" parts of the Senate bill, like the kickbacks to Nebraska, Louisiana, and Florida, but not the socialist core of the bill. Will the new bill suddenly reverse course and embrace the free market? Hell no. Will it allow choice and competition? Hell no. But will it sound a lot better than the scary pro-abortion and pro-corruption bill that the GOP has been talking about for weeks? Yes.

The Republican Party has to start listening to the Tea Party movement, the folks who really see what matters. There is a big government takeover of our society. All aspects of our society. Focus on these issues and we'll win. Ignore them and you'll keep Democrats like Pelosi and Perriello in power.


  1. Perriello's statements in the Schilling video will be used against him.

    in the final analysis, the original Senate bill includes health options that specifically pay for abortion. so if P votes for that--well, someone can quote from the bill.

    and who knows what/if will be reconciled? I think it is an "iffy" thing to worry about that right this minute. (though you are right to be foresighted).

    because the 5th district race is one of 2 targeted by Organizing for America (SEIU arm of DNC) & because it may be one of the most expensive in country, Tom will probably have to vote YES (he wants to, anyway) because Pelosi has promised him money.

    bottom line: whoever your candidate is seeking to oppose Perriello--does he/she have the capability to raise $3 million to beat Perriello? this is not a purist consideration; this is a practical consideration.

  2. NotAndySere,

    Abortion is a big issue in the Healthcare debate, as a matter of fact, if it were not for the pro-life concerns about this bill, it would be law by now.

    You are correct that Perriello is trying very hard to cast himself as pro-life. This is why we must nominate a strongly pro-life nominee, otherwise Perriello will maneuver to the right of our nominee socially and it will be over before it starts.

  3. Steven,

    I entirely agree. Are you suggesting that some or one of the candidates in the GOP primary isn't strongly pro-life?