Sunday, March 14, 2010

Time to Cull the Herd!

The Second Lump Report is out ranking the candidates in the Republican Primary field.

Let us once again clarify to the those who are unfamiliar with the TEA Party movement, the political foundation and focus are; (1) limited government, (2) fiscal responsibility, (3) free and fair markets, (4) individual liberty base on personal responsibility, and (5) a return to constitutional governance. We, the TEA Party, believe these constitutional principles, as well as others, have been consistently disregarded by the current, and past administrations.

That's great, and their rankings provide some insight into how to cull the herd of candidates:

McPadden: 3.5 lumps
McKelvey: 3.5 lumps
Verga: 3 lumps
Boyd: 2 lumps
Morton: 1.5 lumps
Hurt: 1.5 lumps
Ferrin: 0.5 lumps

Ferrin and Morton have to drop out, now. Hurt isn't going to drop out, so if we want a chance at defeating him in the Republican Primary we need to reduce the number of candidates. Ferrin and Morton don't have money, don't have any name ID, and don't have the support of the conservative grassroots. I think McPadden needs to drop out too, but I understand he's a grassroots favorite. I also think McKelvey should consider a plan to drop out now to prepare a run for seat as an independent, as he has the resources and willingness to give it a go.

Also, here's their take on Goode:

Although Mr. Goode is not a candidate, the TEA Party leaders included him in their discussions, and “IF he were a candidate to recapture the seat he held for 12 years as many TEA Party and other VA5th district voters wish, he would garner a minimum of 4 Lumps.



  1. I like this website. But I need help with this particular post.

    you say everyone should drop out except Boyd & Verga. does this mean that you are a Verga or Boyd fan?

    also, if Mckelvey wants to run as an independent, he must drop out before the primary. that is my understanding of Virginia law. is that your understanding also?

  2. You don't think Hurt will drop out? Hmm, I think he should and lots of other grassroots folks won't vote for him. If he wins the primary with less than 30% then he will lose against Tommy. The Conservatives like myself are tired of holding our noses and voting. Who says history doesn't repeat, NY23rd all over again. Tucker and Eric have given us this discord in the 5th. The best thing for Hurt to do is pull out. I'm sure Bob Hurt isn't a bad guy, we just need to get back to Constitutional Scholars and leaders that believe in the Founding Fathers Principles. Mike McPadden has the best knowledge of our Founding Fathers Principles and if other Congressional districts followed suit we could stop or slow down the financial train wreck. You think it’s bad now, you haven’t seen anything yet! Today’s Congress with the help of BO is spending our money like it’s monopoly money. The piper will be paid!

  3. cardinalcrossing: why would Robert Hurt drop out? actually, why would anyone drop out?

    and which of the candidates are constitutional scholars? I thought that was what Barack Obama claimed to be.

  4. Kelley; for one he has bad judgment with major tax votes, Tommy will exploit many of Mr. Hurt's votes.

    Two: Mr. Hurt stated he supported a convention while behind the scenes laced in smoke Tucker Watkins and Eric Cantor was working to give him a primary. With a large group of candidates a primary is his only chance to run against Tommy, then lose because of his voting record in the general election.

    Three: A major loss on Mr. Hurt's political career could deny him another chance later.

    Four: The large field of Candidates dilutes the votes.

    As for Constitutional scholars, BO does understand the Constitution and he is on record stating he hates the restraints it places on Congress and the President. He also wants to fundamentally change our government; corporate takeovers for example.

    I want Mike McPadden because he respects the Constitution and the restraints it has. The critical problems we face today are a direct result of taking responsibilities from the States and Liberty from the People. Many Politicians continue to deny the very principles they swore or affirmed to uphold.

    There are folks in Washington that share Mike McPadden’s respect for the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence. With Tea Party supported Candidates in Congress next year they can stop the growth of Government and reduce it for all our sakes.

  5. Hurt will never drop out, Washington DC won't let him. He's still probably leading any poll out there today. It's silly for a frontrunner to leave.

    McPadden is only a Tea Party front runner. He is unknown to the general republicans and with his lack of funds his name recognition isn't going anywhere. McKelvey is coming on but who really knows his end game. Verga seem to be fading and I see little that will get him back on track.

    Boyd could come on if Hurt is seen as the Washington candidate and is damaged by this race. We need not to over emphasis the Tea Party effect in a primary election- the majority will still mainstream republicans. I've got no real idea how they will vote or how turnout will effect this race.

    The real problem is the Tea Party vote is already hopelessly splintered right now.
    I do agree that the heard needs to be culled and Ferrin and Feda need to go. I don't know what it will take to get Feda out-if she feels she's been "called" who knows.

  6. Polls really don't matter it's elections that matter and Hurt hasn't really ran in a difficult election, since maybe his first. He can be in the lead but he is the only candidate that Tommy can really attack, exploit if you will. Boyd too, in this regard with his own voting record. How do you think Tommy became a Congressman. He misled folks with partial truths and Virgil's record!

    Look at it this way, Boyd and Hurt have voting records that will be exploited; Hurt will have to jump the Grand Canyon to beat Tommy. Boyd will have to jump the northern end of the Grand Canyon if he wins the primary and faces Tommy. These are huge hurdles for both men, and neither can do it IMHO

    As for the Tea Party vote, they have splintered, but will reform for the General Election. I don't see them voting for Hurt, so it would be an Independent! Tommy WINS!

    This election will be different; more folks are engaged earlier than ever before in my lifetime at this stage in a election cycle. With more folks engaged they will spread the information, a snowball effect IMHO! I think it would be better for Mr. Hurt to leave now then to lose such a important race so early in his political career. He just can’t win this race, to many people are watching and learning about him.

    If a Republican stands a chance it will be from a political outsider like Mike McPadden. Someone without a Political record like Tommy did in 2008. IMHO Mike McPadden can unite the Conservatives, Tea Party folks, and Independents. The Moderates will just have to hold their noses for a change.

  7. CardCrossing,

    You have lost it. Hurt should drop out? Really? Why would he do that? He is ahead in all the polls and will likely be the nominee. Just because you wont vote for him, and a small group of grassroots wont, he should just quite. What if McPadden endorses him after losing the primary? Would you support him then?

    McPadden doesnt have the funds or the network to win this race. TP will have 1.5 to 2 mil and McPadden can barely raise $50k.

    Your argument that Hurt has never been in a tough race is also misguided. He has at least won an election and served the people in the district. And if you ask them he has served them very well (ps he is my state senator). The tea party people in the south of the district support him and will in the election. It is the northern neck of the district and the tea party there (led by Bill Hay and Verga's attack campaign) that dont support Hurt.

    Further, if you look at polling (which does matter, ex. Scott Brown) then you should know that Hurt has the best chance to win independents and democrats. For a republican in this district to win they must get some support from outside the base. The base can no longer win this district due to the influx of liberals and population growth in Charlottesville.

    Finally, to say that he cannot afford a lose on an important campaign this early is just wrong. I would like to point to a former governor and now senator Mark Warner. Warner lost to John Warner in the senate race and went on to stardom for the Dems. Want an example from the republican party? Take Keith Fimian, he lost to Connolly, in the 11th and is now mounting another challenge.

  8. As always, the problem with Republicans is that they just want to win. They have no consideration for finding the BEST guy who has the BEST principles that represent conservatism and the Constitution. It's always amazing to me that R's are willing to put in a moderate/RINO just so that person can get votes from D's and I's. It's just another reason I left the GOP, they have no standards, and no intention of standing on their supposed's just about winning. Why compromise your integrity just to gain a few popularity points? But that seems to be the mentality about getting to DC.

    On the other hand, I'm excited about this race because of a candidate like McPadden. My party of choice is not represented this election cycle, but I'll gladly take a candidate who expresses views that are consistent with my own. I'm not worried about him winning, even though that would be the best case scenario. I'm a purist, and will vote my conscience, not just for the guy who has the best chance. That is just so disgustingly counter-intuitive.

    And I'll go ahead and say it for anyone who is going to say it anyway..."It's people like you that keep the Democrats in power!" Think what you will, and keep the catch phrases to yourself. I don't need that "guilt trip", I vote based on principle, not based on game plan. Pure and simple and proud of it.

  9. The original post is very confusing. It appears to view the candidates from a Tea Party point of view, yet the writer wants all the candidates to drop out, except those that are weakest in the view of the Tea Party. Hurt is anathema. Boyd has a record as supervisor that is conservative only by liberal Charlottesville standards. He is now backing a 300 million dollar, unnecessary, absurd, new dam on the Rivanna River. He has also backed various other government intrusions on personal liberty. He talks conservative, but he has not voted that way.

    Verga is a nice guy, and generally right on issues, but I he has not convinced me that he has the depth of understanding of economic and constitutional issues that McPadden has.
    Laura Ingraham threw him a softball constitutional question on which he stumbled by saying that the great thing about our Constitution is its flexibility. This was a shocker to Laura and most of her listeners, as it is progressives who praise the flexibility of the "living constitution."

    Hurt will certainly not drop out, though he should for the good of the Party and country. His voting record proves that he is a perfect example of the MANY Republicans who abandoned Constitutional principles, grew BIG government and enslaved future generations to mountains of debt. This betrayal created the Tea Party movement. For that, kudos to the Tea Party, and BOO to Robert Hurt and his ilk in the Republican Party.

  10. Hey Aaron, I've lost it? not hardly, it‘s called politics, statistics, & voting history.

    The more people learn of Mr. Hurt's voting record, for instance:
    1) voting with democrat Mark Warner, and the largest tax increase in Virginia history;
    2) the unconstitutional taxing vote with Tim Kaine; and
    3) his about face to certain groups as a State Senator when he stated he supported them;
    the less they like him.

    Tommy will use these votes against Mr. Hurt. Mark my words I've predicted outcomes before, many times I'm right and yes sometimes I'm wrong but the numbers here just don't add up this time for Mr. Hurt. Folks with better math skills than I, have provided the numbers based on previous voting patterns here in the 5th. If this race is a three Man race. Tommy will win with 40-48% of the vote. That is if Mr. Hurt wins the Primary. As you may know Mr. Hurt can win the primary with only 15% of the Republicans voting for him, that is with 6 other candidates. Here are the numbers:

    Republican Primary 2010
    Candidates / / /Lowest Percentage of voters needed to win primary
    7 / / / 15% (Kelley Loves!!!)
    6 / / / 17% (Kelley loves!!)
    5 / / / 21% (Kelley loves but not so much as 7 candidates!)
    4 / / / 26% (Kelley likes but a little worried)
    3 / / / 34% (Kelley is worried)
    2 / / / 51% (Kelley hates)

    You do know what Tea in Tea Party stands for, Taxed enough already! How can Bob Hurt win over the independents and democrats within the Tea Party movement let alone the Conservatives across the 5th District? Those votes will swing to the Independent or they will stay home. That is about 30% of the voters maybe more. At this point, no matter what Mr. Hurt promises, he won't be able to convince voters since his record will be exploited to the MAX by Tommy. That is why Tommy won; exploiting Virgil Goode’s record to the MAX with distortions and even lies!

    Tommy’s plan will backfire if the Republicans choose Mike McPadden. No record to exploit. Ok I laid it out, Tommy is on his knees, praying you still want Hurt. Tommy is hoping you don’t understand the numbers or don’t care about anything but Hurt winning the Republican Primary, what say you?

  11. CardCrossing,

    I enjoy the debate.

    But i just disagree with you. Lets start with TP attacking Hurt. Attacking him for voting with Kaine and Warner is risky since they are well respected Virginians and were both former governors. Further, TP would have to attack his colleague in Congress and DNC chair. So i dont think he will attack him as much as you assume.

    Further, McPadden has a lot to be attacked over. He wants to return to the gold standard and get rid of the EPA, Department of Education, and AmeriCorps.

    TP is a good politician. He will paint McPadden as a right wing nut with these views.

    I am not sure what your point was about the 15%. Because McPadden can also win with 15% of the vote. I dont really think McPadden will run as an independent, nor do i think that we MUST nominate the most conservative person in the world to win.

  12. Further, you pick out three votes in Hurt's record and ignore the rest of his voting record. Here are some of the highlights:

    Abortion. Voted Yes to a prohibition on forced or coerced abortion. Provides that any person who forces or coerces a pregnant female of any age to have an abortion against her will is guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor. However, if such a violation is committed by the father or putative father of the unborn child when the pregnant female is less than 18 years of age, and the father or putative father is 18 years of age or older, the father or putative father is guilty of a Class 6 felony.
    Voted Yes to Abortion Clinic Licensure requires all abortion clinics, defined as any facility other than a hospital or an ambulatory surgery center in which 25 or more first trimester abortions are performed in any 12-month period, to be licensed and to comply with the requirements currently in place for ambulatory surgery centers except the requirement for a certificate of public need. The Board of Health may also waive certain structural requirements.
    Voted Yes to adopt an amendment to the State Budget that prohibits state funds from being spent on abortion services. The amendment specifies it does not prohibit a physician from using medical assistance to save the life of a pregnant woman.
    Voted Yes to adopt an amendment to the State Budget that prohibits state funds from being spent on abortion services. The amendment specifies it does not prohibit a physician from using medical assistance to save the life of a pregnant woman.

  13. Continuing on...

    Death Penalty
    Voted Yes to pass a bill that expands death penalty eligibility to include accomplices in specific capital murder cases, whereas existing law reserves the death penalty only for the principle in the first degree. Redefines the “triggerman rule,” which currently provides that only the actual perpetrator of a capital murder is eligible for the death penalty and that accessories and principals in the second degree can be punished only as if guilty of first degree murder. This bill allows principals in the second degree and accessories before the fact to be charged as principals in the first degree in the cases of murder for hire, murder involving a continuing criminal enterprise, and terrorism. This bill allows, in all other cases of capital murder, a principal in the second degree to be tried as a principal in the first degree if he had the same intent to kill as the principal in the first degree. The bill allows an accessory before the fact to be tried as a principal in the first degree if he ordered or directed the willful, deliberate, and premeditated killing.

    HPV Vaccination:
    Voted Yes to require females to receive three properly spaced doses of human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine. The first dose shall be administered before the child enters the sixth grade. After having reviewed materials describing the link between the human papillomavirus and cervical cancer approved for such use by the Board of Health, a parent or guardian may elect for his daughter not to receive this vaccine. This bill contains a delayed effective date of October 1, 2008. This bill incorporates HB 1914 and is identical to SB 1230 (Howell). Allows parents to opt their children out of the HPV vaccine after reviewing material relating to HPV and cervical cancer. Allows parents to opt their children out of any vaccine for religious reasons.

    Voted Yes to concur with house amendments and pass a bill that allows an individual to carry a concealed handgun onto the premises of an establishment that serves alcohol provided that the individual does not consume an alcoholic beverage.

    Voted No to pass a bill that prohibits the sale of a firearm at a gun show to any individual that does not possess a concealed handgun permit without the vendor first conducting a criminal background check and receiving a determination from the State Police that the individual is not prohibited from possessing a firearm.

    Voted Yes to create a new exemption to the general prohibition against carrying concealed weapons by allowing a person who may lawfully possess a firearm to carry a handgun in a private motor vehicle or boat if the handgun is locked in a container or compartment.

  14. Finally,

    Voted No to pass a bill to levy new taxes and increase existing taxes in order to provide funding for transportation purposes.
    Voted No to pass a bill that applies a 5 percent flat sales and use tax to retail communication and video services, effective January 1, 2007.

    Stem Cell Research
    Voted to adopt an amendment that prohibits the use of funds in the budget for stem sell research using embryonic stem cells. The amendment also prohibits funding for any research on cells or tissues derived from induced abortions on humans.

    Grants for Disabled Children. Voted Yes for an amendment that establishes a Tuition Assistance Grant Program for disabled students, as defined by the State Board of
    Education. In addition, the grant program would provide funding to a qualified private school that the student would attend if not enrolled in a public school. The grant amount would be equal to the state’s share of funding as determined by the appropriations act.


    Opposes Gov. Tim Kaine’s proposal to release 1,000 non-violent inmates 90 days early as a way to help deal with the state’s budget shortfall. Kaine’s budget proposal, if approved by the General Assembly, would save an estimated $5 million by 2010 and would leave it to the director of the Virginia Department of Corrections to select the nonviolent inmates for early releases.
    Voted Yes to an amendment eliminating funding in House Bill 5002, as introduced, for new anti-gang grant programs.

    By continuing to vote for programs like these he will win over Dems. and Independents who are tired of TP antics and liberalism.

  15. Sen Hurt was one of 6 State Senators to vote against this year's budget because it "borrowed" money from the VRS (at 7.5%). This is what Congress has been doing for years: borrowing from Social Security. Now Social Security wants its money back & the US Treasury has to borrow again from....? China? India? Brazil?

  16. also, Tom Perriello has finally said that he will vote Yes to Obamacare because it does not fed fund abortions. This is a lie & he has to know it. The Hyde amendment only applies to monies coming from HHS. And the Senate bill includes specifically one program where abortion is covered.

    Obviously I am a Hurt supporter. But everyone out here in the 5th needs to get on the same page to defeat Perriello. I will vote for whomever is the nominee. We cannot allow him anymore votes.

  17. Some,rather, a few I should say, TP-ers like Card-Cross will vote for Perriello in defiance when Hurt wins the primary. I say let them have at it.

    If they want to re-elect an Obama-Pelosi-Reid loving idiot, there is NOTHING commonsense conservatives can do to change their minds. However, this sect of the TP-ers is few and far between while being VERY vocal on the blogs.

    The Tea Party movement and the alternative media (Rush, etc) has had the desired effect on Hurt and many, many Republicans across the country. They now see that the only way to return to sensible government is to vocally and forcefully espouse and act with the fiscal and social conservatives who have for too long remained silent until recently.

    The TP-ers have truthfully revolutionized the Republican Party both nationally and here in the 5th! And with their support in November, the Congress will be returned to a common-sense conservative government of, for, and by the People!

    Thank god for the TP-ers!

  18. If a gun was placed to my head in the election booth to vote for Tommy, I'd take the bullet first!

    I'm not voting for someone that doesn't like our Constitutional principles, nope. I served my Country, heck I was in harms way before I even knew it. I know what tyranny looks like when a East German guard (1963) with his German shepherd walks by me and my Mom and I get nipped by the dog. My Mom stopped him and tried to tell him what happen, he began to scream at her and threaten her. We lived in Free Berlin and the Russians called us/Americans fascists but most East Germans knew who the real Fascists were they just couldn’t kick out the Russians.

    When folks say I'm a far right conservative I say thanks wish you were with me. Most folks today don’t understand our History, how providence shined on our Founding Fathers and granted us a form of Government that had never been tried before. Now lawyers are NOT taught the Constitution, teachers don’t teach the next generation why America is different. It’s a shame, this Country is moving to a Oligarchy before our eyes. When a Government has control of my health, they own me, it‘s that simple. I'm not going to let that happen, not on my watch.

    I had family that served in the American Revolution, they knew what an oligarchy was and hated it, risked their lives and fought against it. We left Europe in the 1680’s to find Freedom and now our Congress and President look to Europe for answers. Instead they should be looking at the Federalist and Anti-Federalist Papers. Yes the Dept of Education needs to go, if you don’t agree you either need to read about it or jump over to the Democrats. Think for yourselves and ask yourself this question. Since the Dept. of Education was formed what have they provided to help our children learn? Ask retired teachers or older ones how the power of the Federal Government grew inside their classrooms.

    Gold Standard, absolutely! We wouldn’t be near bankruptcy if Americans would understand what our dollar is truly worth. Jesus condemned the money lenders in his day and our Government should be condemned by us. Our Nation was founded on learned failures, no business should be to big to fail! Congress allowed merger after merger to form and when they failed I said let them. Other banks failed before and I know lots of folks, family even that lost money because of it. I still wouldn’t want our Government to take over the private sector. Do you think we will ever see another recall from GM? If the Unions hadn’t assisted BO and many Legislators to power GM would have gone to bankruptcy and our tax dollars wouldn’t have been blown.

    Many good votes from Mr. Hurt but he only voted as you wrote, what did he sponsor, write, even assisted or changed laws that made a difference.
    I support Mike McPadden because he understands the Constitution better than any other Candidate, he also will motivate others in Congress to follow the Principles of our Founding Fathers. I truly believe that. He would make a difference in Congress and not just vote yes and no. Mike McPadden has also served his Country and has seen the world. Mike McPadden understands that Freedom isn’t free and it can be lost in just one generation. We have serious problems today that if not stopped and reversed will lead us to an Oligarchy. If you are not afraid you should be. To be honest I wasn’t a couple of years ago and questioned my friends, smart friends when they shared their fears, now I understand. We just need more people to take the time to read and understand the truth.

  19. Continue...

    If there is one book, to read about our Founding Fathers, sit down and read “The 5000 Year Leap”. In that book it will explain the miracle of our Country. The Founding Fathers principles were not incorporated into the Constitution entirely but they prayed that future generations would be inspired by them. Now they are not even taught. If you want to read more, read about Joseph Story a former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Joseph Story explained the Constitution in a book called “A Familiar Exposition of the Constitution of the United States” It was required reading at Harvard for Generations. Read about our Greatest President, George Washington. He could have been King but just wanted Freedom and Liberty for all; he just wanted to work on his land, help his neighbors, and live in peace.

    Mike McPadden doesn’t want to move to Washington, he would rather enjoy his Children, grow his garden, and enjoy his life in the Country. Mike knows it’s his Duty to try to help our Country out of this chaos we call Congress, where failures are rewarded, where encroachments to all of our freedoms are truly near. No other Candidate gets it like Mike and I hope and pray every District is finding true servants to step up and serve again.

    I’m sorry if I was harsh before but I love this Country and want nothing but the best for All Americans! God has blessed us all as Americans!

  20. Hi Aaron,

    Who said. "I think that the Department of Education is something that needs to be looked at seriously, in fact, I think that it's probably something ultimately can be completely eliminated."?

    That was Hurt at the Lynchburg Tea Party debate.

    Regardless of the merits of eliminating the Department of Education, is it your view that Tom P. will paint Hurt as a "right wing nut"?

    Note the "wiggle" words in Hurt's statement above, two "thinks" and a "probably". This is the problem with Hurt, and many career politicians, they are very good at telling the people what they want to hear. When Hurt made this statement at the debate, I didn't believe him for a moment. On the other hand, I find McPadden very believable.

    Regarding, it Hurt's position that we keep funding AmeriCorps? If we can't cut Americorps, what can we cut from the federal budget? Note, I don't know what McPadden's views on Americorsp are, but I can guess. (you can do this with candidates that have a set of well defined core beliefs, like adherence to the Constitution)

    Lastly, you are listing Hurt's vote for mandatory HPV vaccinations as one of his accomplishments? Don't let that one slip out at the next tea party debate. :)

  21. Stephen 5th,

    The difference is that Hurt would evaluate something before just cutting it. That is what an intelligent leader does.

    I dont know his stance on AmeriCorps. And yes i think TP will paint Hurt as a right wing nut, but i think it will have more sticking power with McPadden.

    Finally, if i remember correctly, the HPV vaccine legislation required parental consent before it was actually "mandatory."

    I really think that is good legislation, and if this gets me kicked out of the Tea Party then so be it. I have family members with cancer and those that passed away from cancer. Cancer prevention is good policy. I think that one should do everything to prevent cancer.

  22. Aaron, Regarding the HPV's not really a question of HPV and cancer prevention, but rather the role of government. I am smart enough to make my own decisions about vaccinations for myself and my family (and the same can be said about health care in general). I want the government to mind their own business, and stick to things like keeping the roads maintained and providing for law enforcement.

  23. stephen: quick (& perhaps not as thoughty as you might desire) response to the Dept of Ed issue. Dont we all wish it could be eliminated?

    the problem with many bloated & dictatorial govt agencies is that they are tied up with other divisions that are necessary & useful. Because I have not looked in depth at the Dept of Ed structure, I cannot tell you for sure. If McPadden has done so, then good for him. But he has to realize that many of these issues (I don't want to say "TEA party" issues, because I believe in them, too) are complex & may take complex solutions other than just an ax.

  24. Stephen,

    Why cannot it be a question of both? Politics is not really a zero sum game.

    And again, i dont have a problem with the government requiring parents to determine if they think their child should get a vaccine. This has been done for many many years now. Think measles...

  25. Now, if it was the federal government requiring it i would have a BIG problem with it.

  26. Hi Kelley:

    Reducing the scope and size of government will not be easy, but if we elect a few dozen McPadden-like candidates to Congress, over time, change will occur. This is a monumental effort, but we have to try, and IMHO sending another career politician to Washington who doesn't have a passion for this effort, is not the way to go.

    Note, I was not speaking directly about McPadden's view about the Department of Education, but merely pointing out to Aaron, who was knocking McPadden for a view which his candidate held himself. I don't recall if McPadden has made a statement about the Department of Education (but like AmeriCorps, I can guess what his position will be).

    Hi Aaron:

    I personally favor liberty over a government nanny-state, whether state or federal.

  27. Hey, NAS ! I live in Pittsylvania county where we're trying to get a uranium mine in here that will bring 300 to 500 much-needed jobs. What is Verga's position on uranium mining in Virginia?
    Has he said anything about it up to now?

  28. Yessir! Verga has taken a strong stand on uranium mining. He has come out loud and clear for lifting the moratorium immediately without awaiting the NAS study. He's hot to trot and good to go. His statement even criticized others who want to await the outcome of the sudy.