Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tea Party Overreach?

This weekend, the Tea Party movement appears to have overplayed its hand and risks alienating the rest of the nation just as much as the Democrat Party has.

Spitting on members on Congress and using racial slurs against them totally undermines the work of other Tea Party activists, including those here in Virginia, to present the movement as respectful and fueled not by racism, but by liberty and freedom.

I cannot express how . . . annoyed, to be polite, I have been with the constant tweeting of phone numbers of members of Congress, followed by constant complaints that no one is answering the phone. I wonder why? I see tweets from people listing the members who they swear to defeat this fall that includes members who are retiring. Are you that uninformed? I see tweets labeling some members as undecided who have come out yes or no. The whole process is an unorganized chaotic mob.

I am close to the point of giving up on politics entirely. The Tea Party movement is showing itself to be utterly disorganized with most members lacking in any degree of civil discourse. The work of a few selfless organizers is being overwhelmed by the raw anger of conservatives who, ultimately, care more about yelling than anything else. I frankly question how many of the Virginia folks who went to DC this weekend understand that unless something happens quick in the GOP primary, we'll have a tax-raising liar as our nominee.


  1. With so much anger and rage, I am surprised (and thankful) this was the worst that happened... If in fact it was Tea Party members that did this. I have seen people not affiliated with the Tea Party at very large events and the photogs and reporters paint the entire movement as racist. That is not the case. I fear much worse to happen once this passes. Is that the right response? No. But many people do not trust or believe what they are hearing from their elected officials. In addition there is a feeling that the process is being dismissed, further fueling fear.

  2. mr sere: you must be angry because you post upbraids the TEA party & it faults tweeters for incorrect info. these complaints are not necessarily connected. what I mean here is that you usually write a more cohesive post.

    even though I went to a TEA party, I find that act alone is not enough to become a TEA partier. I must not support certain candidates, even though I believe that those candidates can defeat the Democrats.

    so even though I agree with so much of the TEA party ideology, I am not welcome.

    being exclusionary, or even "pure" is not the way to win elections.

    how's that punishing of the Republicans working out for you? c'mon conservatives. get a grip. we have alot of work to do.

  3. Kelly can we do it without tax raisers like Hurt? I think we have to and can win this back with a better candidate who can make it without Hurt's baggage.

  4. NAS, first, please PROVE to me or anyone that these alleged incidents actually occured. In this age where everyone has a cell phone that can record video, NO ONE has any video of such alledged incidents. Combine that with the fact that the alledged victims reported these alledged incidents while the verdict was still out on Obamacare. I believe these alledged incidents did not occur and instead were designed to elict more support from wavering Dems on the vote itself and to demoralize Repubs who were still earnestly fighting for defeat of the bill.

    The tactic appears to have worked at least temporarily on you. Come'on, NAS, get a grip on it and get back in the fight!

    Secondly, the fact that the tea partiers are showing themselves to be utterly disorganized is a function of the fact that they are, by design, un-organized. They ascribe to no set leader; rather, the "people" are the leader and I personally would have it no other way!

    If they all fell under one person's leadership, they would no longer be the "people" and would then become a party.
    I personally prefer that their wishes, desires, interests, actions, etc remain fluid so that they can have the biggest impact on our party politicians who will never be able to "count on" the TP-ers, and, instead, will have to be accountable to the "people" 100% of the time and of their term.

    If they had leaders, the "pols" could then subvert them and bend them to the way of the "pols". VIVE LA DIFFERENCE! LONG LIVE LIBERTY!