Thursday, December 31, 2009

Major Victory for Feda Morton

From a Feda for Congress press release:

Scottsville, Virginia (December 30th, 2009) - The Virginia Gun Owners Club is the latest grassroots organization to recognize Feda Morton's staunch defense of principle.

"The individual right to bear arms is a fundamental Constitutional right," stated Feda Morton. "I am very pleased to have the support of the Virginia Gun Owners Coalition and will continue my firm support for gun rights in Washington."

After soliciting the questionnaire of one of Virginia's largest and most faithful pro-2nd Amendment organizations, the VGOC heartily gave the highly coveted "A rating" on the 2010 Virginia Gun Rights Survey.

"Feda gets special recognition for being the ONLY candidate in next year's 2010 primary to contact VGOC asking for our survey," stated Mike McHugh, president of the VGOC.

The Virginia Gun Owners Coalition is one of the largest Virginia-based 2nd Amendment organizations in the Commonwealth.

No other candidates have filled out or requested the VGOC survey.

This is a major victory for Morton as she builds a movement for the budget-busting Republican primary that will pick the nominee against Tom Perriello. The primary is going to be very difficult to predict because of the low turnout; small shifts in activism can have a big impact on the vote. Overall turnout could range from 20,000 to 40,000 votes.

I am watching three non-Hurt candidates with interest so far. Verga, through his activism with the Tea Party movement, may have strong appeal among voters who perhaps are not strongly affiliated with the Republican Party. Morton is reaching out to traditional grassroots group within the existing conservative movement and tapping into activists who probably already operate within the GOP to some degree or another. And Boyd is at least generating press about his bid. With the low turnout, any one of the three might be able to defeat Hurt.


  1. I think I have only met a couple of VGOC members. I really have never seen the VGOC as effective on any gun issue. I even remember Mike M, the head of VGOC being interviewed and giving wrong information. Information that would have gotton a gun owner jailed if they followed it. Also, the "A" means nothing. It does not tell me what a person believes. It just tells me Mike likes them. This is just like the NRA system that tells you nothing.

    The VCDL, on the other hand, shows the specific questions with the specific answers. The VCDL shows up at just about any meeting or event where support for gun rights needs to be shown. An example? Lobby Day. VCDL shows up with 600 people, the antis showed up with 3, the NRA showed up with one, and the VGOC... well, I did not even see Mike M. there. You want a gun organization rating that means something go talk to the VCDL.

  2. I agree with LeadBulletCaster. I also think it is expedient to keep an eye on McPadden, who identifies himself as a libertarian/paleo-conservative. He has drawn a large following from the more liberty-minded, and religious groups in the 5th. Just a thought...

  3. McPadden is losing key endorsements, staff, and is attacking unit chairs. His campaign may be more lost then Lawrence "i dont know anything about the 5th district or how to run a campaign" Verga.

    Morton is at least showing that she can put some organization together and get some solid press.

    Will this endorsement or "rating" translate into votes? Probably not, the NRA is the big player on the gun issue and they most likely wont endorse until after the primary. Does it show she is conservative? Yeah. But it is so early that this may mean nothing.

  4. Boyd, Morton, Hurt.

    In that order, probably. The rest? One big "meh."

  5. You only take a group's questionnaire to get their endorsement if you already know the answers.

    Nothing to see here.

  6. To Southsidecentral - True, but with the VGOC and the NRA you never get to see the questions. I want to see the questions like you do with the VCDL's survey. Then you REALLY know where they stand on guns.