Monday, December 7, 2009

Tom Perriello Slaps Glenn Nye

The DPVA Central Committee meeting occurred over the weekend in Staunton and was host to the usual pomp and circumstance in speeches. While the liberals spent the weekend patting themselves on the back about how great their remaining politicians can give speeches, check out this speech from Tommy Boy:

What was that Tommy?

"You have to make sure that we are fighting for the working class and middle class . . . have no doubt, you can get elected with a D after your name and still go up to Washington and Richmond and not continue to stand up to the very things that inspire all of us."

Who are you talking about?


Oh yeah, this guy.

What benefit is there to Tommy to slam Nye? Maybe because he wants those rich liberal donors to give him money instead of Nye? There's going to be a lot of infighting next year as the vulnerable Democrats in Virginia go after each other behind closed doors to win over money and activists. But this is the first example I've seen of this type of slandering going public.

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  1. So, you have inferred from a generalization that Tom was talking about Nye - by linking a disappointed progressive in Norfolk as evidence! - and then from that deduction you make strained, zero-sum arguments over donors and fundraising?!? Weak at best. Well done. Sounds like you are trying to create and fit your own narrative with this argument instead of taking Tom's statement on its face.

    Instead of trying to trump up Democratic infighting (leave that to us!), keep with the infighting here in the 5th District over the GOP candidates. You have much more credibility there.