Thursday, December 17, 2009

Rob Hurt "Facts"

Update: Changing the title. I thought it would be clear that "Rob Hurt Lies" would be lies about Rob Hurt. Like the jokes "Chuck Norris Facts." I'm changing it to clear up the confusion. Maybe "Rob Hurt Tall Tales" would work too.

Wow. I just read a comment over at Bearing Drift that takes the prize for biggest lie about Rob Hurt. It seems that the Hurt supporters are going to try to win by outright falsifying their candidate's record. He can't hide from his votes to raise taxes. And he can't hide from his biography. About the only real Hurt cheerleader in the blogosphere, kelley in virginia, is claiming that "he’s lived in the 5th all his life so he knows the issues."

Oh really?

Hurt needs to scrub this news story from his website.

Hurt grew up in Pittsylvania County, earned a bachelor's degree from Hampden-Sydney College in 1991, and received a law degree from from Mississippi College School of Law in 1995.

While in law school, he worked in the criminal litigation section of the Mississippi Attorney General's Office and in the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of Mississippi.

He also worked for the DeKalb County District Attorney's Office in Atlanta, Ga., and Virginia Attorney General's Office in Richmond.

During his final semester, he attended the Cardozo School of Law in New York and worked for a New York State Supreme Court judge.

But about that "grew up in Pittsylvania County" . . . Here's some history for you.

Born in New York, New York, June 16, 1969

New York?!

Oh, and check out his high school.

Episcopal High School (1987)

That's not in Pittsylvania . . .

The comprehensive tuition fee for the 2007-08 school year was $38,200, in addition to the technology fee ($250), cost of books (about $600), and spending money. Student activities are included in the tuition, although there are some exceptions.

I would love to know the tuition for the school when Hurt was attending. Right now tuition at the school is higher than the per capita income of the 5th District.


  1. This post is so disingenuous. The title "Rob Hurt Lies" is misleading. Are you saying that he didnt attend those schools? or is lying about his biography? No instead you are attacking a candidate because of something someone said on a blog about him. You are attacking him for going to a high school and then you cite numbers that are in no way reflective of that school's tuition/situation when Mr. Hurt attended.

    At least he has spent for than 4 years in the district like Verga!

  2. Ok, so he comes from what appears to be a wealthy background. No crime in that. As long as he doesn't campaign as a folksy, simple, aw-shucks, country boy this isn't an issue. If he does, then we can slam him. Don't get me wrong, these facts are good to know. And FWIW, I appreciate Kelly's comments. Keep up the good work Not-Andy. I'm too lazy to find this stuff for myself so I appreciate the work you do.

  3. Aaron,

    I hope the subject change satisfied you.


    My problem is with his supporters presenting him as the aw-shucks country boy. Hurt is being presented as the conservative man of the people by his supporters. He's not. Doesn't mean he's a bad candidate, but let's eliminate the bullshit first.