Wednesday, January 13, 2010

6 Reasons Why Hurt Should Not Be GOP Nominee

Here is a hot new press release from Republican candidate Laurance Verga outlining six votes where Rob Hurt voted for higher taxes for Virginians.

ALBEMARLE COUNTY, VA - Yesterday, my NRCC-backed opponent, State Senator Robert Hurt, unveiled his brand new website, where he once again lies to the citizens of the 5th District about his atrocious tax-raising record. Today the Daily Progress quotes my response:

"On Senator Hurt's brand new website he has the bold-faced lie that he has 'consistently opposed tax increases that did not put the people first.' Does he think that the people are dumb enough to forget that he voted to raise your taxes by $1.4 billion, the largest tax increase in Virginia history, and he even tried to raise taxes unconstitutionally? Shame on Senator Hurt for belittling the citizens of the 5th District who certainly haven't forgotten as we are still paying for his tax hikes daily. People are tired of career politicians like Senator Hurt who distort their atrocious record to further their own aspirations."

Senator Hurt has voted 6 times for higher taxes. Below is a summary of those votes:

In 2002, Hurt Voted To Increase The Excise Tax On Soft Drinks. "Increases the amount of tax in the current top bracket from $6,000 to $7,200 for gross receipts exceeding $10,000,000 but not more than $25,000,000. It also adds two additional brackets: for gross receipts exceeding $25,000,000 but not more than $50,000,000, the tax is $18,000 and for gross receipts exceeding $50,000,000 the tax is $33,000. The soft drink excise tax is imposed on every wholesaler or distributor of carbonated soft drinks." (HB 193, Passed, 84-Y; 12-N, 01/24/02, Hurt Voted Yea)

In 2004, Hurt Voted Against Lower Tax Rates For Businesses. "Phases in lower rates based on growth for each of the four BPOL categories by five cents and allows only a $25 fee rather than $50, for businesses that start up in the last six months of a taxable year. These changes are effective for taxable years beginning on or after January 1, 2005." (HB 461, Defeated: 38-Y; 60-N, 02/17/04, Hurt Voted Nay)

In 2004, Hurt Voted For The Omnibus Tax Bill Proposed By Mark Warner That Raised Virginia's Taxes. (HB 5018, Passed: 52-Y; 46-N, 04/13/04, Hurt Voted Yea)

In 2006, Hurt Voted To Increase The Fees In Order To Obtain A Hunting Permit In State Forests. "Increases the fees to obtain a hunting permit or a trapping permit in a state forest from $10 to $15." (HB 260, Passed: 89-Y; 9-N, 01/23/06, Hurt Voted Yea)

In 2006, Hurt Voted For A Bill That "Conforms The Amount Of Virginia Estate Tax Due From An Estate To The Maximum Amount Of The Federal Estate Tax Credit For State Estate Taxes..." (HB 40, Passed: 93-Y; 7-N, 02/02/06, Hurt Voted Yea)

In 2007, Hurt Voted For Tim Kaine's Unconstitutional Transportation Bill that Would Have Imposed Taxation Without Representation Through Unelected Regional Taxing Authorities. It Also Imposed A Diesel Tax Increase. (HB 3202, Passed: 64-Y; 34-N, Hurt Voted Yea)

And here is a preview of Tom Perriello's campaign against Rob Hurt should he get the nominee:

7/7/09: Co-signed a letter to House leadership authored by Rep. Adler opposing the taxation of sodas and other sugary beverages as a means of offsetting the cost of health care reform. This had the support of local beverage bottlers/distributors.

7/16/09: Co-signed a letter to House leadership authored by Rep. Polis opposing the imposition of a surcharge on small business with income above 250K as a means of offsetting the cost of health reform. The Virginia Chamber of Commerce and various other small business interest groups were supportive of this.

9/10/09: H.R. 3046, the Hunting Heritage Protection Act. The bill would protect the right of hunters to access public lands by requiring public land management practices ensure that there is no net loss of public lands for hunting.

5/22/09: Concurring to Sec. 512 of Senate Amendment to the Credit Cardholders’ Bill of Rights Act of 2009 to protect the possession of firearms in National Parks in line with the existing policies of other public land agencies. Voted yes.

12/4/09: Introduced H.R. 4208, which would raise the estate tax exemption for the special use valuation of farmland to $3.5 billion.

Rob Hurt's entire website is full of stories about Tom Perriello being vulnerable. That's not a reason to support Hurt's campaign! That's a reason to support a strong conservative opponent to Perriello!


  1. Again Verga goes negative. Why doesnt he put some policy out there. Simply saying "rob hurt sucks" is not enough!!!!!!!!!

  2. You've lost me, is it "going negative" for Verga or anyone to point to an opponent's voting record? It is what it is. I don't care how Hurt spins it or ignores it or denies it, the facts are that he has voted to raise taxes or eliminate tax decreases on several occasions. He has also admitted to being duped into voting for the 1.4 BILLION increase while Virginia had a tax surplus! It's like a husband cheating on his matter how much he protests, if he can do it once he can do it again.

    BTW - I've read Verga's 10-point pledge both in print and on his web site. For you to ask for some "policy" from him when it's all around you (if you'd bother to look) makes you look really silly. You should get out of your parents' basement more often.

  3. what is verga's legislative record? would you pick a doctor with no experience?

  4. Kelley - WTH? You've completely lost me. What was Robert Hurt's legislative record before he ran for HoD? What was Bob McDonnell's legislative record before HE ran for HoD? All due respect, but your assertion is asinine. I know for a fact you can come up with a better excuse than that.

  5. I have read the 10 point pledge, and that is just empty promises. However, he doesnt say how he is going to do anything, he just says i wont do earmarks/taxes and will support the 2nd amendment.

    Further, i think it is negative to call someone a liar....

  6. son of liberty: my point is this:
    this is a big Congressional race. this is bigger than a House of Delegates race.

    we want someone young, we want someone who can debate, we want someone who looks good on TV (sorry, this is just a fact of modern life), we want someone who can raise money & is an election winner.

    and in addition to the above qualities that Sen. Robt Hurt has, he is a conservative.

  7. Wow. That's quite a grocery list you have there, Kelley. Funny, I didn't see anything related to principles on it.
    And: "He is a conservative." ??? Did you not even read the post you're commenting on? How will Hurt ever paint a clear delineation between himself and Perriello?
    Again, sorry, but at least Perriello thinks for himself and stands on his principles (and whether we agree with those thoughts, or the votes his principles have led him to cast, is completely irrelevant).

  8. Just had another thought- besides the legislative experience and the "conservative" nonsense, Kelley could have just been describing Tom Perriello circa Spring of '08.


  9. Hurt will say he's a conservative but his votes tell me he's not conservative enough for the 5th district. Perhaps Congressman Cantor will write him a note for his vote to increase taxes 1.4 billion

  10. if we don't all pull together, we will have Perriello as our Congressman for a long time. Robert Hurt can beat Perriello.

    I am not going to speak ill of other Republicans because that is counter-productive to ousting Democrats from Congress.

  11. Kelley-
    I agree completely with you. We do need to pull together.

    The rest of your argument? Mere talking points. Perriello will be defeated by someone at least as principled as he is, and who can not just articulate conservatism, but display it. Elections are all about contrast and, again, with the contrasts that NAS pointed out in the post above, Perriello can make a stronger case for the GOP nod than Hurt.

    Pointing out someone's record is not "speaking ill." And if demanding principles and some level of ideological purity is "counter-productive, then you can just start calling me "Roadblock" or "Tripwire" (or some other cool G.I. Joe name). ;)

    But seriously, what good is "ousting Democrats from Congress?" We'll just go back to sleep assured in the knowledge that "our nation is once again safe with Republicans at the helm" (because that worked so well last time). Need I bring up the (shattered) Contract With America or Medicare Part D?

    Statist "progressives" infest both parties, ma'am. Replacing one with another doesn't wash anymore. Our liberty is at stake, and both sides of the aisle have hoisted the sledgehammer that has driven that stake deeper into the ground.

    We can't afford to hit the "snooze" button again, pulling levers like zombies.

    Somebody please confiscate my soapbox.

    Sorry, NAS.

  12. Keep the soapbox, you're making great points!