Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Who is Robert Hurt?

One of the other blogs out there, I refuse to link to them, has posted a series of "questions" concerning Republican candidate Laurance Verga. They attack him, among other things, for hiring consultants from outside of the 5th District. That a site supporting Robert Hurt is attacking another candidate for hiring consultants and staffers from outside of the 5th District is so ironic it's actually funny.

I am aware of only two major Hurt hires so far. Chris LaCivita is, of course, a nationally recognized Republican operative. He has experience in Virginia but he is not now nor ever was a native of the 5th District. And Hurt's campaign manager, Sean Harrison, managed the delegate race for Barbara Comstock in 2007. But he's not a 5th District guy either!

Any election campaign needs a staff that is balanced. Knowing the people of the district is important. So is having a professional staff with experience. Hiring people from outside of the district is not worthy of attack. But if it is, don't forget to consider the actions of the candidate you are supporting too.

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  1. When is Hurt going to stand up and account for his voting record...and where? Obviously, not at the upcoming Tea Party debate in Charlottesville. Hurt is weaseling out of the very date he had a direct hand in selecting, and suddenly feigns a bogus scheduling excuse. To me, Hurt screams "status quo" - a shifty career-politician type who will say one thing to your face, then something else when you're out of the room. I don't like his voting record on taxes. I don't like his pet-status with the Albemarle Republicans. And I don't think a RINO version of Tom Perriello is going to give us any different results than we've seen out of Tom in the last year.

    To add to all of this, he's apparently also a hypocrite in chiding an opponent for using both in and out of district staff.

    More and more, I see myself throwing my support behind citizen rooted candidacies like Lawrence Verga or Feda Kidd Morton. Frankly, the Republican machine in the 5th district (and especially that dog-and-pony show recently staged to vote on primary vs. convention) was enough to turn any decent person's stomach. The fact that they and Hurt are so clearly in bed together makes me care for Hurt even less.