Sunday, January 24, 2010

VA-05 Conservatives: Join, Or Die

Friday's debate among most of the candidates for the Republican nomination in the 5th District provides a clear message for conservatives in the district: Join, or Die.

I am increasingly worried that the field is too divided to defeat Robert Hurt in the primary. Verga has the money to win, but does he have the grassroots support? McPadden has the grassroots support, but does he have the money? Morton has a network of supporters from the conservative establishment, but can she translate that into being a serious contender. Boyd has a record of experience at the local level fighting for conservatism, but he still can't break through and get people to take him seriously.

This is one reason why I support the calls for Virgil Goode to run, either in the Republican primary or as an Independent. He would combine the best attributes of all the other candidates. He'd have the name recognition. The conservative credentials. The reputation as a serious candidate. And the ability to raise money.

The Washington Post has already covered the possibility that GOP division could save Perriello's reelection chances. But like all of the Post's takes on politics, it gets the details wrong. The Post would like you to think that the attacks on Robert Hurt will weaken him and potentially cost him the seat. More than likely the division among conservatives will allow Hurt to win the nomination, which will cost conservatives and Republicans the seat. A united front against Hurt will ensure a conservative nominee, a nominee who will be able to defeat Perriello. Don't blame the conservatives for making this difficult for Hurt. Blame the conservatives for making this difficult for themselves.


  1. interesting.

    yes, the Republicans are making this difficult for themselves by the in-fighting. Do you NOT think that Perriello isn't enjoying every last minute of this?

    yes, Hurt will likely win the nomination.

    and yes, Hurt can beat Perriello. which is the ultimate goal of Republicans.

  2. Join or Die: Good comments. Mostly spot on. but do not count McPadden out due to possible lack of money. Yes, he is not wealthy like a couple of the other candidates, but he is articulate, and he has a good organization and grass roots support. How much money did Scott Brown have only 4 weeks before the election? Not much, I can tell you that. McPadden will get the money because he will get support locally and from around the country.

    If Virgil Goode had the desire to fight for his seat from the get-go, that would have been great, but he did not. He is a good man, but at this point, I hope he does not get a lot of encouragement. The desire has to come from inside. I am not sure he has it. We need representatives with fire in the belly to turn this government around, and I think we need new faces, new leaders to chart a new course. I think McPadden is the one. I know Virgil Goode has the best interests of the district, the state and the nation at heart. I hope he will realize that he can best serve as an elder statesman/mentor to the best conservative candidate from the six we have.