Friday, January 15, 2010

Is This Any Way to Run a Party?

Is this any way to run a party? Tim Boyle should be appointed a Czar in the Obama Administration, he seems like an expert in heavy handed tactics to suppress political debate. The South Hill Enterprise reports on Boyle's Stalinist tactics at recent Mecklenburg County GOP event.

Morton addressed an issue brought up earlier in the meeting by Hurt, his voting for a budget that would include a tax increase in 2004.

“I say there was politics behind the scenes,” Morton began. Tim Boyle interrupted her.

“This is not about attacking other candidates.” Tim Boyle began. “This is about your campaign.”

“Excuse me …,” Morton began.

“What I am saying is this is for you to present your case as to why they should vote for you,” Tim Boyle said.

A constituent interrupted him by saying that Morton should be allowed to speak.

“You should vote for me because I will not compromise on your taxes as was done in the state of Virginia already and on record a $1.4 billion tax increase by representatives in the state government who crossed over (Republicans who voted with Democrats),” Morton said. She said now the state has to experience cutbacks that would affect teachers who would leave the school systems or would be “rifted.”

Sometime later, Tim Boyle told Morton her time was up and it was now time for her to take questions from the constituents. Someone with Morton’s campaign disagreed by saying that Morton had not reached her 15 minutes.

Someone from the audience spoke up and said, “Mr. Chairman I think you are being very unfair to this candidate. You have gone out of your way to say people couldn’t hand out sign up sheets.”

And Boyle attacked Verga as well for trying to show his contrast with tax-raising Rob Hurt:

“Earlier Robert talked about the tax increases of 2004. Those tax increases were very profound and affect me and each and every one of us, every day,” Verga said.

“With (Governor) Tim Kaine, Senator Hurt voted on a,” Verga was saying but was interrupted by Tim Boyle.

“I am going to have to ask you as I asked Ms. Morton, please keep it to,” Tim Boyle was saying but was interrupted by Verga.

“No, this is about policy,” Verga said.

“This is not about attacking other candidates,” Tim Boyle said.

“I am not attacking, this is his votes,” Verga said but was interrupted again by Tim Boyle. But Tim Boyle was then interrupted.

“I object again Mr. Chairman,” a constituent in the audience said.

“I will continue,” Verga said as he walked closer to the table where Tim Boyle sat. “If you want to walk me out of the room and think you can then go ahead.”

The constituent noted that the people wanted to hear about policy differences.

“Voting with Tim Kaine on a transportation bill that would have led to taxation without representation,” Verga continued. “That was voted down by the Virginia Supreme Court seven to nothing. I don’t believe that is the candidate you want in Washington fighting for the Constitution. More recently voting against making the ABC liquor stores free market. Not the person you want to go to D.C. and provide for an open market.

Is this how Hurt plans to win the Republican nomination? By suppressing debate? The actions of Tim Boyle bring into question the independence of the local Republican elite in the district as Hurt proposes a series of debates moderated by them. Will Boyle and the other Hurt henchmen even allow disagreement at these so-called "debates?" If Boyle shouts down anyone who wants to express disagreement with Hurt's record how can the people of the 5th District make an informed decision?


  1. Positively shameful. After this revelation of what actually happened in Mecklenburg, for anyone to defend the actions of Mr. Boyle would be beyond the pale. Especially loved the line from Boyle, "If you don't like it, you can vote me out."

    With all due respect, Tim, the good people of the Mecklenburg GOP should not HAVE to. You should have the common damn decency to step down. As some candidate once said, "Stand on Principle, or Stand Aside." Tim Boyle has displayed his disdain for the principles of free and open debate and therefore should stand aside. Period.

  2. Unless you have any evidence that Hurt told Boyle to do this or had any had in this your post is almost as bad as the conduct described.

    Just because someone who supports Robert Hurt does something retarded doesnt mean we shouldnt support Mr. Hurt. This is the equivalent of not rooting for a football team because you get upset about what one of their fans said.

    Isnt it time to grow up in the fifth and talk about policy and stop the negative stuff. Boyle should be ashamed of himself, if this account is accurate, and he should step down. But this has nothing to do with Robert Hurt.

  3. Aaron you make a great point- Now all Sen. Hurt has to do is come out and ask that speech not be limited and candidates can say whatever they want. It's up to Hurt to defend or reject this tactic? Silence on his part will be viewed as acceptance of these limits of debate.

    Sen. Hurt's vote are, in fact, policy so there is no way to separate the two things.

  4. I agree with Aaron that Boyle's actions cannot be pinned on Hurt by any stretch of the imagination (we conservatives are supposed to believe in and promote the notion of *personal* responsibility, after all).

    Still, Boyle's intent was clear: to protect his chosen candidate from legitimate discussion of his record. If Hurt is truly as proud of his "conservative record" as he makes himself out to be, then he should not be worried about "one or two votes out of thousands."

    And further, should that be the case, it is incumbent upon him to inform his cronies, I mean... Um, "thoughtful supporters" within the GOP leadership of this fact so that they will not embarrass themselves on his behalf as Mr. Festering Posterior Boyle did this week.


  5. Aaron, I'd love to know how you define "policy" since you're claiming that a discussion of Hurt's votes, and how the other candidates in the field disagree with the votes, is "negative" and not "policy."

    Hurt was there and should have stepped in to say that it was ok for one of his opponents to disagree with him. It's a disagreement over policy. No one's stooping to the level of attacking him for being an elitist New York lawyer. Not yet.

  6. Aaron...isn't it time for YOU to grow up and refrain from using the word "retarded" as an attack word? Those of us who have special needs children in our families - along with most mature citizens - find the use of that word in the context you use it highly offensive.

    I still refuse to accept the mention of an opponent's voting record as an attack. It's FAIR GAME, a matter of record, a matter of voter concern, and a reasonable comparison of one's deeds versus one's words. It is both right and responsible for everyone to know of Hurt's votes to raise taxes, and no amount of deflection tactics will make it go away, Aaron.
    Hurt did it - now he and his campaign must suck up the consequences. Furthermore, I have no doubt that were the shoe on the other foot, so to speak, that Hurt and his camp would be right there doing the same thing.

    Hurt was a coward for not speaking up in that meeting...either to condone the disagreement, or finding a way to further defend his vote. There WILL NOT BE a GOP-friendly safety net for Hurt should he advance to debate Perriello, so if he can't man up now how will he then?

    I'm sending out a big atta-girl and atta-boy to Morton and Verga for standing up to what is continually showing itself as as GOP fix for Hurt. I want a candidate who is not afraid to buck the establishment because that's EXACTLY what our next representative will need to do in Washington.

  7. I never said that a discussion of his votes was not policy, i said calling him a liar was negative.

    For example, instead of Verga going after Hurt why doesnt he talk about how he plans to bring jobs to the fifth. Instead of making promises on a website why doesnt he tell us how he is going ot put those promises into action. I am tired of politicans using empty rethoric to get into office and then doing the exact opposite of what they said (i.e. Obama).

    You can talk about Hurt's vote and Hurt has to explain that better, but if that is all you are talking about then its pretty shameful.

    Again, does anyone even know if Hurt witnessed/knew about what Boyle did? I mean what do you expect him to do stand up and start yelling at someone while someone else is speaking? C'mon that is insane. As i said before, what Boyle did was bad, but blaming Hurt for what he did is worse.

  8. Aaron you are not paying attention at all. You claim that we can talk about Hurt's vote and he needs a better defense. The problem is that Boyle was preventing anyone from even talking about Hurt's vote. There is absolutly no defense of Boyle's actions.

  9. I am not defending his actions, see above where i say "what Boyle did was bad" and "Boyle should be ashamed of himself if this account is accurate, and he should step down"

    What you misunderstand, is that i am saying you cannot blame Hurt for what Boyle did!

  10. You said: "I never said that a discussion of his votes was not policy, i said calling him a liar was negative."

    Who said Hurt was a liar?

  11. Verga did in his press release concerning Hurt's website.

    I think you quoted it a couple of posts ago.