Monday, January 25, 2010

Tom Perriello Is Better Than . . .

Let's have some fun with this.

So if your point is that Tom is 1% better as a candidate (and Congressman) than Glenn Nye, I would strongly agree.

In 2008, Tom Perriello received 100.92% of Obama's vote in the 5th District. Glenn Nye received 99.72%. So really, Tom Perriello is 1.2% better than Glenn Nye!

Lowell needs to be all over this bias reporting by Ben, understating Tom Perriello's awesomeness by a whole 0.2%! That's almost as bad as the Washington Post!

Take that mainstream media!!

Let's have more fun with this.

Gerry got 92.97% of the Obama vote. So Tom Perriello is 7.95% better than Connolly!

Oh, what about the other liberal favorite from 2008, Judy Feder? Does anyone still remember her? 71.55% of the Obama vote. Wow, Perriello is 29.37% better than Feder!

Who else should we pick on?

How about Moran? 95.21% of the Obama vote. So that puts Perriello better than Moran by 5.71%.

What if we traveled back in time to 2004. Everyone remembers Al Weed, right? Well he got 80.55% of the Kerry vote. Tom's 20.37% better!

I like this game.

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