Thursday, July 1, 2010

Memo to Hurtards: Please STOP!

Back in 2007 and 2008, a blogger had to be pretty brave to say anything about Ron Paul, especially anything negative. Just a reference to the long-shot Presidential candidate could bring hordes of his loving, adoring zombie fans to your comments. Insult him and you risked a flame war of attacks. We saw the same thing happen with the "Deaniacs" in 2004. And don't get me started on the messiah-like worship of Obama by some of his supporters.

In 2010 there's a new zombie out there online. The Hurtard.

The Hurtard seems to be your normal run of the mill Republican, but he suffers from what is known as PDS or Perriello Derangement Syndrome. At the mere mention of Tom Perriello, the Hurtard goes into a fit of rage full of spasms, convulsions, and seizures. It's not a pretty sight. The Hurtard cannot accept at face value anything that Perriello does. They are also driven by a hunger for brains, which they consume constantly in hopes that they'll replace the brain they seem to have lost.

Here's some examples of how this plays out.

Scenario 1- SOCIALIST!

Action- Tom Perriello votes in a way the Hurtard doesn't like.
Result- Hurtard accuses Perriello of being a socialist, because anyone who disagrees with the Hurtard is a socialist. Also, the Hurtard will probably try to kill Perriello and/or his family. Because the Hurtard can't tell the difference. (See entry "Coleman, Nigel")

Scenario 2- LIE.

Action- Tom Perriello votes in a way that the Hurtard agrees with.
Result- Hurtard lies and claims that Perriello voted the other way, because when Tucker Watkins has been accusing him of being a secret New York lawyer for two years it doesn't matter what the truth is. (See entry "2008 Campaign Meltdown")

Scenario 3- HE LIES!

Action- Tom Perriello votes in a way that the Hurtard agrees with.
Result- Accuse him of "election year" politics, regardless of the fact that he's taken several high profile votes already. Because you can never, ever praise Perriello. (See entry "Harrison, Sean 'Puffy'")

In the last few months, I've had to correct Hurtards several times about Perriello's voting record, ranging from guns to Puerto Rico to Wall Street regulations. Just this week I had Hurtards claiming Perriello had voted for the Wall Street regulations bill. And in the local media, the Hurtards were forced to accept reality and come up with reasons to criticize Perriello despite his good vote.

Rather than praising his support, Danville Tea Party vice chairman, Darriel Burnett, saw Perriello’s vote as pandering to 5th District conservatives before he faces GOP challenger state Sen. Robert Hurt in November.

“He’s doing these things to garner favor from the conservatives,” Burnett said. “If he was concerned, he would have voted against the tax bill — cap and trade — and he would have voted against the stimulus. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a little too late, and a little too little.”

Hurt’s campaign manager, Sean Harrison, said Hurt would have voted the same way Perriello did.

“It’s clear however,” Harrison said, “that Tom Perriello is in the process of having an election year conversion — but occasional ‘bouts’ of common sense can’t distract from his liberal record.”

So let's get this straight. The Danville Tea Party won't praise Perriello on a signature vote and cause for Ron Paul and his efforts to audit the Federal Reserve, because they think he's just pandering to conservatives. And they try to link it, somehow, to cap and tax and the stimulus.

Perriello: I'm hungry, do you want to order Chinese food?

Hurtard: If you were really hungry, you wouldn't have gotten your shirt dirty!

Perriello: What?

Hurtard: BRAINS!

It makes about as much sense.

And Hurt's campaign manager accused Perriello of an election year conversion despite the fact that Perriello first cosponsored Ron Paul's audit the Fed legislation last year and voted against the Wall Street regulations last year as well. Perriello has been consistent on this issue from the start, something the Hurtards should give him credit for.

Here's a suggestion for the Hurtards. You don't have to attack Perriello on every vote. It makes you look silly. Attack him on the votes you disagree with him on, but do so reasonably and with respect. And if he votes the way you like, just move on.


  1. about the fin reform bill that Perriello did not vote for: I just read in the Danville paper where he is quoted as saying he voted against it because "it did not do enough."

  2. NAS, don't you just love the brilliance of and the execution of the Robert Hurt campaign strategy? I told you it was one that would be taught in political science classes and in history classes for many years hereafter!

    And, you, yourself, are indeed part of the plan and are doing just what was allocated for you to do! Thanks so much! The invitation to join the campaign overtly still stands; just let us Hurtards know!

  3. NAS, I have in the last 8 days challenged your posits at least three (3) times with no response from you. Are we to assume that you agree with my statements, or, have you just run out of pro-Perriello comments to make in response to conservatives?

    I, for one, miss your liberal banter! Come on, get back in the fight or join us in the fight against socialism right out in front of the public like we are doing! WE need ya!!!!!

    Below are the three (3) unanswered points:

    "NAS, you are just so full of it, aren't you? You write this grandiose post about media outlets (believe it or not, you ARE one too) not being truthful and then you conclude it by doing the same thing yourself!

    Guess what, NAS? We're just not that stupid! You said:
    "My only conclusion is that Hurt's own polling shows him significantly behind Perriello. That's just a fact and any Hurt supporter who claims otherwise is full of hot air."

    Well, your statement that "That's just a fact" is not a FACT! Rather, NAS, it's just your OPINION, again not a fact that is known to be true!

    So, using your own protocol, I call on you to issue a correction/retraction and admit you made a mistake! Hey, man, we're all human; even the great and wonderful NAS! "

    JUNE 24, 2010 5:04 PM

    Not Andy Sere said...
    If Hurt were ahead of Perriello, he would have released a poll. Fact. End of story. Perriello is almost certainly under 50% and vulnerable. But Hurt hasn't seized control of the race, yet.

    JUNE 26, 2010 7:13 AM

    VaPatriot said...
    "If Hurt were ahead of Perriello, he would have released a poll. Fact."

    Your saying that an opinion is a fact does not make it a fact, even if you say it twice! Rather, it DOES make it "doublespeak" or even "doublethink" as you so eloquently stated in the title to this post.

    I again call on you to issue a correction/retraction just as you have demanded from the DP! "

    "Speaking of re-hashs, NAS, I have one myself, just for you! I'm sure you will enjoy it!

    Remember during the primary campaign when you tried to make so much out of the fact that the NRCC did NOT pick Robert Hurt as one of its "Young Guns"? I'm sure you do! It was one of your favorite topics for quite a while!

    I'm sure you also remember me responding to say that it was all by design and part of a brilliantly planned campaign to ensure his primary win over all the competition! I also implied that when the time was right, he would definitely be named an NRCC "Young Gun"!

    Well, duh, guess what? Yep, he's just been picked by the NRCC as being "among the party's most highly-touted contenders." Imagine that! Ain't it a wonder?


    So, NAS, never doubt me when I tell you that it's all part of a brilliantly planned campaign to defeat the SOCIALIST Perriello and his pawn Jeff Clark who both pay allegiance to the infamous Madame Pelosi and her socialist minions!

    Join the Robert Hurt for Congress campaign now to defeat the Obama-Pelosi-Perriello-Clark mafia! "

    "Has NAS switched political philosophies? Are you now a socialist?

    You praise Perriello more than ANY other political personality you discuss on your blog? What gives?????????????? "