Monday, July 19, 2010

Show Me the Money!

Now that the FEC reports are filed, I'm starting to wonder just how expensive this race in Virginia's 5th District will get.

Perriello has an early fundraising advantage. His campaign reported $1.7 million in cash on June 30, with $3,000 in debts. Hurt's campaign had $216,000 in cash and about $85,000 in debts.

When you consider the money Hurt owed to his Beltway consultants he's at about $130,000 cash on hand, compared to Perriello's commanding $1.7 million. I could write a post that rubbed this fact into every the face of every Hurt supporter who claimed that the money would roll in after the primary. I could say that this proved my point that Hurt is having serious financial problems. Or that Hurt will depend heavily on outside groups to "bailout" his campaign. Hell, I could even point out that Hurt's $130,000 on hand is pretty close to Virgil Goode's $111,540.64 on hand--AND HE'S NOT EVEN RUNNING!!

But I'm a better man than that.

More importantly, if you look at Perriello's fundraising pace so far this year and his performance from 2008 I think he could easily reach another $1 million raised before election day. Perriello and Goode personally spent about the same amount in 2008, but Perriello benefited from a significant last minute investment from national Democrats. About $700,000 or so was spent on his behalf in 2008, while Republicans kicked in a minor $100,000 or so for poor Virgil.

The Democrats and their labor allies will throw down big money for Perriello this year. I'll put their commitment at at least another $1 million. With some generous rounding, that puts Perriello at almost $4 million for the election campaign to come. And Hurt . . .

Where will Hurt be?

It's a concerning question for conservatives here in the Fifth.


  1. or you could argue in the alternative that all it takes to win a Congressional seat is grassroots support. And that is what all of us with yard signs & meet & greets & breakfasts are all about.

    but, yeah, Hurt needs to raise some money. All of us should pitch in.

  2. Also, NAS, remember that Hurt was recently named as a "Young Gun" by the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee (as I told you he would be after the primary), so we can expect extra money from that source.

    And, obviously, others nationally will also contribute now that the 5th has a real contender to oust Perriello (Palin, etc.).

  3. I continue to believe once the list of radical individuals and groups contributing to Perriello is made known to voters the election is over.

  4. Here is your poll NAS

    Hurt up BIG


  5. where was Perriello 2 years ago at this time?

  6. edible: that will be Perriello's response.

    But Perriello/DnC hasn't released results of 2 polls they ran right at primary week. So I suspect that their internals show they are not ahead--whatever the actual margin might be.

    Perriello has tremendous name ID. if he isn't breaking 50% right now, he is in trouble.

    does RH still have a long way to go? sure. keep on plugging.

  7. Edible Perriello was down more in the exact same poll two years ago. Something to think about. But it is still a poll.

    Perriello is not in trouble at all. He has tons of money. Hurt is in trouble if he cannot raise more cash.