Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ron Paul's Democratic Allies

Last night, the House of Representatives defeated an attempt by the Republicans to add Congressman Ron Paul's "Audit the Fed" bill to the Wall Street "reform" bill that was being debated. All of the Republicans united in this valiant but failed effort. Twenty-three Democrats also joined the effort, just short of two dozen. I'm listing all of these Democrats as I think they deserve special praise from Tea Partiers everywhere. I am an independent conservative and don't agree with Republicans all of the time, so I certainly don't agree with Democrats most of the time. But I am able to recognize an ally when I see one.

Boucher (Virginia)
Carney (Pennsylvania)
Childers (Mississippi)
Critz (Pennsylvania)
Edwards (Texas)
Giffords (Arizona)
Grayson (Florida)
Hodes (New Hampshire)
Kirkpatrick (Arizona)
Kratovil (Maryland)
Lipinski (Illinois)
Markey (Colorado)
McIntyre (North Carolina)
McNerney (California)
Minnick (Idaho)
Mitchell (Arizona)
Nye (Virginia)
Perriello (Virginia)
Ross (Arkansas)
Skelton (Missouri)
Space (Ohio)
Teague (New Mexico)
Titus (Nevada)

Thanks for your help guys (and gals)! We'll get them next time.


  1. Has NAS switched political philosophies? Are you now a socialist?

    You praise Perriello more than ANY other political personality you discuss on your blog? What gives??????????????

  2. VA,

    Praising Perriello when he is right gives me all the more credibility to attack him when he is wrong. I'm not a partisan hack like you. I just call them like I see them.