Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Will Register & Bee Call for Ending Unemployment Benefits for Danville?

Just a few days ago the Danville Register & Bee wrote a selfish editorial outlining their stance on extending unemployment benefits during the Obama-recession: we want ours, don't give it to anyone else! The editorial board drew a line in the sand and boldly said that some localities that were struggling deserved extended unemployment benefits, but not localities where the economy has started to rebound.

With all we know about labor markets in this country, can’t we come up with a solution that helps people where they need help — and pushes them off the dole when their local economy is strong support them?

Like Robert Hurt, my heart goes out to those unemployed workers who can't find a job because of the failures of President Obama and the Democrat Congress. It's not fair to punish them for the job-destroying agenda coming out of Washington. But as a good conservative I also oppose welfare programs that discourage workers from finding a job. That's why I've decided to agree with the Register & Bee. Once a locality shows job growth their unemployment benefits should be cut.

So will the Register & Bee now join me in calling for unemployment benefits to be cut for Danville and Pittsylvania?

Of the twenty-two localities in the great 5th District of Virginia, all but FIVE have higher unemployment rates than when President Obama was sworn into office in January, 2009. Two of the exceptions are Danville and Pittsylvania. That's right. The area that the Register & Bee covers is at lower unemployment rate than when Obama started destroying our economy with taxes and debt. This just shows how strong and resilient the hard working folks in Danville are. Since they have a recovering economy, shouldn't the Register & Bee do the right thing and call for kicking off the dole the lazy bums who refuse to go out and get a job?


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  2. NAS, the drop in unemployment in Danville and Pittsylvania county are not the result of a growing economy, but a loss of population. Currently, 10% of the housing stock in Danville is vacant. Many middle class unemployed workers are moving to the Greensboro and Raleigh areas of NC. The growing tech based economy of Raleigh or RTP has weathered the recession much better than Southside.

    This trend is also happening all across Southside, and does not bode well for the upcoming election. I do agree that extending unemployment benefits should be means tested, and older workers should be transitioned into job training programs provided under the existing trade act provisions.

  3. i don't have a twitter account, nor do I need one. but i noticed on this website, with your "tweets" than someone said that Robert Hurt supporters are vile. In Lunenburg, his supporters include little old ladies, Born Again Christians, veterans, farmers, businesspeople & Walmart moms. Which are those are vile?