Sunday, July 4, 2010

Trying to Offend More People

Recently, I've been criticized for doing too much to defend Perriello and coming across as a Perriello-Pelosi apologist. Well, my goal in this post is to try to insult and offend as many people as possible. I'm an apologist for no one!!

A reoccurring problem in commentaries on the general election in Virginia's 5th District is that the fine citizens of the district aren't used to competitive House elections and are quick to fall for faulty logic and fallacies. That's understandable, there's a Republican candidate with a slick Beltway campaign team trying to use smoke and mirrors to hide from the truth, a generally incompetent and failing media unable to provide facts to keep the debate grounded in reality, and a hard working yet unapologetic liberal Democrat that's the biggest threat the GOP in this district has ever seen. The combination has produced a pile of horse manure rather than actual commentary that could help the average citizen find the truth.

Let's start off with the "debate over debates." I've already covered how Hurt's incompetent campaign let go unchallenged for days Hurt's original statement that he was "absolutely" open to including Jeffrey Clark in the debates. Most of the newspapers in the district (Lynchburg, Charlottesville) have stepped up to state the obvious: Clark is a candidate and should be included in the debate. But no one has brought up yet the hypocrisy of Hurt's handlers. Just see what they are doing in the 2nd District:

Rigell, who is seeking Virginia’s 2nd District seat, had been invited to speak at Freedom Fest, an event that is being produced by a Norfolk-area conservative radio station. But Rigell consultant Chris LaCivita told POLITICO Sunday that the campaign had decided against an onstage appearance out of caution for Federal Election Commission laws.

LaCivita explained that independent candidate Kenny Golden had not been offered equal time at the event. That Rigell’s car dealership, Freedom Ford, is a sponsor of the Palin event was also a concern, said LaCivita. “We like to follow the advice of campaign lawyers,” he said.

In VA-05, LaCivita is arguing that Hurt shouldn't have to debate Jeffrey Clark. In VA-02, LaCivita is arguing that it would be improper for Rigell to appear at an event that didn't also include Kenny Golden, the independent. Ironically, Tommy's BFF Glenn Nye is running scared in his reelection and doing everything possible to dodge debates and other public events. In fact, given his strange libertarian/populist views, I think Kenny Golden would be a better candidate for liberals to support than Glenn Nye himself. Or maybe the liberals will just write in Tom Perriello. Anyone but Nye!!

The fact that there are many elections this year should help provide prospective in the spin provided the politicians and their handlers. Following Glenn Nye's flip-flopping, waffling, and cowardice has provided me with the perspective to respect Tom Perriello as a hard working politician . . . who's agenda is to destroy America. I firmly believe Glenn Nye also wants to destroy America, but I just can't respect a man who doesn't work hard for what he believes in.

This is a classic example of Glenn Nye's constituent services:

My recent post on Perriello Derangement Syndrome was criticized by those who couldn't understand the fact that I can see Perriello for what he is, a liberal who would turn America into a European style welfare state that cowers in the face of Islamo-terrorists and China, while respecting him as an individual and even appreciating the issues where we agree.

Watching other elections, especially Glenn Nye's desperate attempt to stay in power, would be a good cure for Perriello Derangement Syndrome. So when Perriello holds town hall after town hall and tries to talk to people, Hurtards would realize that he's going above and beyond anything that Virgil Goode ever did and he's setting an example that almost no other member of Congress has lived up to. When Perriello votes with the liberal agenda of Obama and Pelosi, Hurtards would realize that he campaigned as a liberal Democrat in 2008 and still won! He's just doing what he was elected to do, which is more than I can say about Glenn Nye.

The problem with Hurtards is they still think that Perriello is just a young New York carpet bagger who is a Pelosi lap dog. They need to read my post explaining that Perriello is a Manchurian candidate with his own independent power base. Nancy Pelosi did not recruit Perriello to run and she did almost nothing to help his campaign. Perriello was recruited and funded by George Soros and his Shadow Party of liberal extremists united by one goal: weakening America's military might and strength in the world.

Pelosi has no control over Perriello. Perriello is his own rouge agent, his own terrorist cell, entirely independent of Pelosi. Which is what makes him so dangerous. He's going to do whatever he thinks is right, not what Pelosi tells him to do. Yeah, Perriello and Pelosi are both liberal extremists trying to destroy America. But that doesn't mean Pelosi calls the shots. They are just two extremists drinking the same Kool Aid.

This means that Perriello can, at times, side with conservatives and it's not because Pelosi "let him." It's because as a lone wolf he's got some independent views of his own. In the big picture he supports the agenda of George Soros, but on some day to day issues like guns and abortion he's more conservative. And he's genuinely more conservative. Just this week he voted for auditing the Federal Reserve, against Wall Street regulations, and against the Democrat budget. I think he did this because he's more conservative on a host of issues not directly tied to the agenda of weakening America's military might. During the same week he also voted for retreat from Afghanistan. He's also voted to allow the radical homosexual agenda infiltrate our military. That's good news for Glenn Nye, he'll have a career opening after his defeat this fall.

Perriello isn't the only Manchurian candidate in Congress right now. I recently read this old profile of openly homosexual Congressman Jared Polis of Colorado. Polis is independently wealthy and hell-bent on destroying America's traditional values. He's bought off most of Colorado's politicians with his generous contributions and finally purchased a Congressional seal. He's not your traditional Democrat, all he cares about is advancing his radical agenda of destroying American families. So he actually has some conservative views on education and unions! Perriello is the same way. He's focused on foreign policy issues that the Fifth District has a hard time following. But it's where he is most dangerous.

Why hasn't Perriello's radical vision for a world dominated by the European Union and China received more attention in this race? I blame Hurt's campaign, but I can also see this being an issue closer to the election. But I also blame a media in the district. Did you know that Perriello voted for retreat in Afghanistan this week? You wouldn't if you only read the various Media General News services in the district.

Declining circulation is hitting the newspaper hard nationally, but particularly hard in rural Virginia. People have to be fired and more and more newspapers are trying to cover things with fewer, and less qualified, reporters. I've been tracking just how often the newspapers publish erroneous letters to the editor and have consistently found examples. Just this week the Danville Register and Bee published a letter claiming that Perriello had voted against extending the Bush tax cuts, despite the fact that no such vote exists.

I've also noticed the growing hypocrisy of the Danville paper in their coverage of the Tea Party. Catherine Amos seems to be phoning in her work at the paper. I guess she's trying to get the hell out of Danville as soon as possible, like the last reporter to cover Perriello. In her recent article on Perriello's vote on Wall Street regulations she quoted both Hurt's campaign and the Danville Tea Party, two groups opposed to Perriello in the story. Why is the Danville paper covering the local Tea Party in stories about the election, while claiming that the independent candidate shouldn't be heard in a debate? The paper lavished attention on the Tea Party during the primary. Did anyone complain when Ron Ferrin was included in the debates?

So I've attached Perriello, Hurt, Hurtards, and the media. Is everyone happy now that I'm just angry at everyone? Good!


  1. NAS, you are indeeed a great supporter of RHurt. Again, I applaud you for playing the role assigned to you by the RHurt Campaign, whether by choice or unwittingly!

    By coincidence, I happen to agree with many of your conclusions here. You are definitely perceptive and can read through many of the smoke signals sent out by the various contestants.

    I do wish, however, that you could actually "see" the overall plan and how it is being masterfully unfolded in front of you! Once seen, you would joyfully join the Hurt campaign and become a part of Virginia's history!

    I must, however, caution you with the following truth.........You are not the God of Politics and do not necessarily possess the truth of all things in the political world. There are many things going on of which you do not have knowledge of, and, therefor, for you to profess that your opinion is an absolute fact is mere folly on your part!

    Learn your limitations and expand your influence! This is a great lesson for you if you will only follow it!