Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"Conservative" Jim McKelvey: Off the Rails!

The Perriello campaign has released a great new ad hitting Robert Hurt with the words of his own Republican primary opponents:

Now those very same opponents are angry that Perriello is using their own words against Senator Robert Hurt. Throughout the campaign multiple pundits, bloggers, and commentators noted that the primary field against Hurt was full of amateurs and first time candidates who couldn't really wage a serious campaign. I defended them, but I have to say this episode clearly demonstrates the naivete of McKelvey, Morton, McPadden, and others.

Did the group of them really believe they could get away with this rhetoric without having it used against Senator Hurt? Let's not forget the DCCC web video against Hurt right after the primary, which had more of the attacks on Senator Hurt's eight year record of raising taxes.

Over and over again, candidates like McKelvey made crystal clear that they were so strongly opposed to Senator Hurt they would refuse to endorse him in the general election. After the primary, all of Hurt's Republican opponents fell in line to endorse him. Why were their minds so easily changed? Perhaps because they never really opposed Hurt that much, they were just desperate for traction and support in the Republican primary. This is offensive to the voters. We deserve true conservative champions who will stick to their ideals. The entire field against Hurt has demonstrated that they were just saying anything to get support and are not to be trusted. I will actively work to defeat them in any future Republicans primaries, should they have the foolishness to try to run again.

McKelvey stands out for his particularly lies and deceit. This supposed conservative champion sent out a press release against Tom Perriello for his campaign attacks on Hurt. Here's a portion:

Tom Perriello uses my name (and a prior press release of mine) as the "factual" basis to falsely state that Robert would do away with 400 teacher jobs, cut funds for college scholarships, increase personal property taxes, allow unsafe products to come into our country from overseas, or somehow send jobs overseas to China. This is a blatant lie on Perriello's part. These false statements clearly show that Congressman Perriello will do anything to get elected, and that he is willing to stoop so low as to lie to his fellow citizens, because he wrongly believes that such lies will win him the election. Mr. Perriello has shown here in the last days of this important election that he completely lacks the honesty, character, and integrity required to lead us here in the 5th District. The only candidate who possesses the honesty, character and integrity to lead us as our next congressman is Robert Hurt.

I have a questions for Jim McKelvey, which I doubt he's man enough to answer.

You campaigned against unconstitutional government agencies and forced Hurt to sign a pledge to defund these agencies. Which are they? Senator Hurt has already shamelessly claimed that he won't do anything to cut Social Security and Medicare, the two largest entitlement programs causing our nation's fiscal crisis. Do you agree that these programs are constitutional? If Medicare is constitutional, how is the rest of Obamacare not constitutional? If you can be forced to pay into a Ponzi retirement scheme like Social Security against your will, isn't the mandate of Obamacare also constitutional?


  1. Dead on, NAS.

    Th nerve of Jim McKelvey to call Jeff Clark a "pawn" of Perriello. All through the primary, Jim was doing the exact same thing he accuses Perriello of. Promising to fund Jeff's independent run and, on the night of June 8th, even adamantly and loudly promising to re-wrap his campaign bus for Jeff. And now, instead, he's throwing Jeff UNDER that bus.

    And Jim has the nerve to call ANYone else a "typical politician"? He has the nerve to accuse others of seeking future political gain, when his own 180 on Robert Hurt is positively dripping with political expediency?

    This hypocrisy is mind-numbing.

  2. This article is stupid- yep that's the word stupid. All the republican candidates thought they were a better choice then Hurt, why run otherwise. They took him to task for raising taxes which Perriello has properly brought in to the general.

    Yet all of them at the debates/joint appearances I saw all save McKelvey ( who feel in line after the election after promising not to) said that any of the republicans running would be better than Perriello. period.