Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Jay Warren Is A Pathetic Reporter!

This evening, Robert Hurt will finally step up and debate Tom Perriello at a candidate forum hosted by WSLS in Roanoke with "reporter" Jay Warren as the moderator. I say "reporter" because his recent candidate profiles leave me asking if Warren attended the same journalism school of Tea Party terrorist Mike Troxel. Warren has shown himself unable to do even basic reporting. His candidate profile of Robert Hurt focuses heavily on Hurt's ties to the district.

“Yeah he's got a lot of history. His family's been here forever,” Hicks said.

That becomes obvious when you walk down the street with Hurt, where everyone stops to say hello. Or Hurt stops them, even the reporters.

"Hey here's Russell. Russell's an ace crack reporter for the Star-Tribune. He does a great job,” Hurt said, introducing the reporter to me. I asked Hurt about his connection with Chatham.

WARREN: “What does Chatham mean to you?”

HURT: “Chatham, I think, means to me personally so much because of course it's where I grew up and it's where my people are and I love it for that reason.”

WARREN: “But for an ambitious person, a lot of people would say you move to the big city, that's where you make all the money, that's where all the action is. Why not go to the big city? Why come to the small town Virginia?”

I can't read any more because I'm about to throw up.

Warren leaves out some important details in Hurt's biography.

Why doesn't Warren ask Hurt about being born in New York City and growing up for nine years in New York City?

Why doesn't Warren ask Hurt about his time at one of the leading private prep schools in the nation?

Why doesn't Warren ask him about his continued attendance at private universities? Does Hurt have any experiences with "the little people?"

Why doesn't Warren ask Hurt about his long term agenda. Yes, an "ambitious" man might move to a big city. Or he could move to a backwoods corner of the state where he can easily secure a political base in order to run for higher office.

Warren is a pathetic reporter, giving even Catherine Amos a run for her money. If this is the game he brings to the debate tonight prepare to be disappointed. It will be a Warren-Hurt love fest.

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  1. Didn't Robert Hurt work for the Pittsylvania Commonwealth's Atty's office? that is pretty rural-county centric. And hasn't he been in private practice in rural Chatham?

    wasn't Robert Hurt on the court-appointed list? so he would certainly represent the "little" people, as you call us in Southern Virginia.

    if you have never lived or practiced law in a small town, you have no idea how immersed in local rural happenings you become. As a town council member, member of Virginia's HOuse of Delegates & STate Senate, can you even imagine the number of meetings, visits & calls Robert Hurt has made to regular "little" people?

    the "little" people will send Robert Hurt to Congress.