Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Does Robert Hurt Have a Cocaine Problem?

After reflection, soul searching, and prayer, I have decided to bring forward information on Senator Hurt's past that, so far, the press has either been ignorant of or has decided to ignore. In either scenario, lackluster reporters like Catherine Amos and Janelle Rucker have let down the public by failing to reveal important facts about Senator Hurt, the man and his character.

Hurtards like to think that Senator Hurt is just a local Southside boy. They ignore that he was born into wealth and spent most of his early childhood either in New York City or at one of the nation's most elite and privileged boarding schools. After attending a series of safety private schools to satisfy the claim that he has a degree, he began to practice law in Pittsylvania County. But with his background of power and privilege, how much work does Senator Hurt actually do at his law firm? And who does he work for?

In at least two cases, Senator Hurt served as the attorney for criminals involved in crack cocaine dealing. This supposed man of character and integrity decided that defense of drug dealers in Southside Virginia was the best use of his talent and resources.

The first is related to a large drug bust of a crack cocaine ring in the New River Valley. Senator Hurt represented one of the men involved in this ring, Gregory Smith, who was eventually sentence to 13 years in prison for his role. And what was part of Smith's role?

Ashley Nicole "Red" Franklin's boyfriend, Gregory Douglas "Binky" Smith, introduced her to cocaine when she was 16. Franklin, 19, later became an addict and a distributor.

Interestingly, the original article from the Roanoke Times outlining Senator Hurt's role in defending Smith is no longer available through their website, while the original outlining about the cocaine ring from an earlier date is still up. Here is the transcript of the article linking Senator Hurt to a drug dealer who addicted a young teenage girl to crack cocaine.


A federal judge sentenced a Radford man to more than 13 years in prison in connection with his participation in a large crack cocaine ring in the New River Valley.

Judge Samuel Wilson said that he took Gregory Smith's extensive criminal history into account as part of the sentence. Smith, 31, is the first of 11 defendants to be sentenced in connection with thering. Federal authorities have argued that at its height, the ring trafficked 1 to 5 kilograms of crack and powder cocaine per month into the New River Valley.

All of the defendants in the case have pleaded guilty to drug conspiracy charges, except the alleged ringleader, Richard Lamont Lighty.

Wilson also said he took into consideration the argument by Smith's attorney, Robert Hurt of Chatham, that Smith was a minor player in the drug conspiracy.

Smith, already in custody on state charges, will have to serve his federal sentence consecutively, Wilson said. He also fined Smith $1,000.

Does Senator Hurt still believe that addicting young girls to crack cocaine is a "minor" part of the drug trade? The only thing "minor" here was the age of the girl when her life was ruined by illegal drugs.

In a second case, decided earlier this year, Robert Hurt represented a convicted criminal, Alpheus Spencer Adams, involved in the cocaine trade. Here Senator Hurt was representing a criminal attempting to use the appeals system to get his conviction overturned on a technicality, and the courts rightly ruled against these shenanigans.

I am disgusting that the media in the 5th District has been unable to perform its minimal task of looking into the background of candidates for public office. Jeff Clark's name has been dragged through the mud, but no one has even touched Robert Hurt's record. This is just the first step in revealing the true Robert Hurt.


  1. i know several lawyers who represent capital murder defendants. does this make them capital murderers?

    and by your reasoning, judges, who practiced law in the prior jobs, are as guilty as any client they represented?

  2. Kelley, I would never vote for a lawyer who's defended criminals. It's just who I am. I want someone who fights for good, not evil.

  3. NAS, you're done, man! You will no longer be able to hide your identity! is probably being served with search warrants as I write this!

    I hope you have a huge fortune because you are going to need it to defend what you have just written and are threatening to write!

    Slander and libel are serious torts in the 5th district and in the State of Va. I personally hope that the Hurt family uses every resource they have to make you seriously pay for besmearching this man's impeccable reputation and end your days of irresponsible blogging at the same time!

    Yep, NAS, whoever you are is NOW going to be found out, and NOW, NAS, you're gonna pay!!!

    Best thing you can do is catch the next flight to Venezuela, Iran, or maybe Pakistan because the HEAT IS ON , baby, and you're gonna feel it!!! c And it couldn't happen to a worse person !

    Cya, dude, 'cause YOU"RE DONE !

  4. Venezuela, Iran, or Pakistan? Do you know of any Hurt donors there that I can hang out with?

  5. so serving those who may have made mistakes or have been falsely accused is wrong in your eyes?

    do people have no rights? is the Constitution meaningless to you?

    an attorney standing up for someone who comes from the underbelly of our society; who cannot afford legal representation; who may only be a witness to a crime; who is willing to confess, serve their time & make an new start in life--this attorney IS a good person. This person is a help to our community.

    but then again, Robert Hurt was asst Commonwealth's Atty where he prosecuted all sorts of crimes, some heinous. So that would make him an agent for good by your argument. which is it?

    finally, you are casting aspersions about criminal activities conducted by an officer of the court. You must have video tapes, sworn affidavits, depositions & eye witness testimony supporting your claim, right? The state lab also tests all substances in these situations to determine what substance is involved. Do you have those results?

  6. Ah! No one likes a defense attorney until they need one.

    Defense attorny's are an inctrical part of the best and most fair justice system in the world! Would you prefer that everyone just go straight to jail when accused, without it having to be proven?

    If you say yes to that last question you are either not thinking and allowing some personal grudge or something against Robert Hurt that you have override your common sense, or you are an bafoon.