Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Register & Bee is Wrong

Today, the Register & Bee culminated its months of biased coverage in favor of career politician and chronic tax raiser Robert Hurt with a weak, hollow, empty endorsement of his campaign for Congress. The reason, as far as I can tell, is that they have been convinced that his victory would somehow balance the budget.

The wasteful spending in Washington reveals a fundamental problem that must be addressed at the ballot box. The balance of power between Republicans and Democrats is so skewed right now that it has been impossible to reach a political consensus. Instead, it has left us with divisions that have nearly destroyed our system.

Only through bipartisan compromise can we heal that rift. Only by sending Republicans like Hurt to Congress can we accomplish that.

Consider that economists now believe the recession ended last summer. If that’s true, then by next summer, we should actually notice an improvement.

When that happens, the increased tax revenues will help to chip away at the federal budget deficit. But if Congress is allowed to spend that new money, then we’ll be no better off than we are today.

The Register & Bee has demonstrated that its entire staff has the intellect of Catherine Amos. The problem with the deficit was not created overnight by Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and Perriello. It was a bipartisan effort of first Republicans and then Democrats. And the problems in the future with increased spending comes from an entitlement system, particularly Social Security and Medicare, that is going to explode with the retirement of the Baby Boomers.

Robert Hurt's signature issue of the campaign has been to attack Tom Perriello for cuts to Medicare. He's attacked Perriello for not saying enough to protect and defend Social Security. Senator Robert Hurt is not serious about balancing the budget. Just today, the Lynchburg News & Advance published candidate responses on balancing the budget. Just like in the debate, Senator Hurt couldn't come up with a single specific program to cut.

It's bizarre, but Perriello's support of a bipartisan commission that will likely suggest cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and other big programs, combined with his willingness to put everything on the table, including bloated defense spending, makes him more fiscally conservative than Senator Hurt.

If that makes you feel like this election has come down to a choice between two evils, don't despair. There is a conservative candidate for office, Jeff Clark! On November 2nd, vote Jeff Clark for a conservative voice for the 5th District.


  1. Well, NAS! If the Register and Bee is wrong and all their staff are nincompoufs, then I guess you hold the same opinion as regards the Lynchburh News and Advance AND the Richmond Times-Dispatch and all of their respective staffs too!

    BECAUSE.......both of those fine newspapers have also today endorsed Robert Hurt !!

    I know it must really "hurt" you to see all you thought to be true and all your rants of temper tantrums go up in smoke, but...... the voters are proving that your words carry no weight with them, period! It's time to give up the game, take your ball, and go home and pout with your mommy!

  2. Also, NAS, I hate to "pile it on" but your fellow bloggers at Bearing Drift have predicted a Hurt victory at 52% to 44% !!

    It really is time to give it up, NAS! You tried but you just couldn't make a dent in the superbly strategized and managed campaign of Robert Hurt.

    As I told you early in the race, every single event was carefully structured to unfold as it did, ending in this significant victory. Even events you perceived to have negative repercussions for RH were planned for and accounted for in this campaign.

    As I said then, I'll say again.............this campaign will be taught in colleges where political science is studied all around the country as an example of superior strategy and planning!

    Goodnight NAS !