Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Perriello's Plan for Victory

Tom Perriello is giving free rides to the polls for UVA Students.

Remember how close he won last time? His trial lawyer supporter John Grisham does.

Perriello won that election by 727 votes over former Rep. Virgil Goode “after they found some missing ballot boxes in Charlottesville,” Grisham said to chuckles from the crowd.

Actually, the votes that put Perriello over the top were absentee ballots that Charlottesville election officials didn’t count until after Election Day.

There were multiple rumors of voter fraud in Charlottesville in 2008, although the Obama Justice Department never seemed to get around to investigating them. Too busy with the Black Panthers I guess. Perriello is preparing the steal the election through the UVA student vote, bringing up the question why college students are allowed to vote in Charlottesville in the first place. Why hasn't this been fixed at the state level?


  1. NAS, hopefully the fact that Liberty University buses its students to the polls may make up a substantial portion of the UVA vote?

  2. Liberty University is in the 6th in Lynchburg, not in the 5th. I know some people talk about adding Lynchburg to the 5th after redistricting, but I thought you were in the defeat Perriello ASAP camp? I'm the one willing to wait for the right conservative candidate.

  3. Yes, you are right about the location of LU !

    And, I thought YOU were the one backing Clark over Hurt. Why no response from you about what the Dems did in NJ that seems to be repeated here in Va with Clark?

    You do owe us a thorough comparison/contrasting
    analysis between the fraud in NJ by the Dems appararatus there and the same apparatutus here in VA.