Friday, June 18, 2010

How Stupid is Robert Hurt??!

Robert Hurt (Or is it campaign manager Sean Harrison?) continues to run a half-ass campaign in which the only hope he has is that Chris LaCivita locks him up in a cave for the next few months. LaCivita must have been on vacation over the last week and only returned to check his e-mails today. On Sunday, the Charlottesville Daily Progress reported that Robert Hurt, while being directly interviewed by Brian McNeil, said that he would "absolutely" be willing to debate both Tom Perriello and Jeffrey Clark during the campaign.

Monday passed.

Tuesday passed.

On Wednesday, Jeffrey Clark was certified as a candidate on the ballot. Robert Hurt's campaign still had done nothing to clarify that Hurt's definition of "absolutely" depends on the meaning of the word "is."

Tom Perriello looked at the situation and did the logical thing. Jeffrey Clark had been certified on the ballot. Robert Hurt had said he would "absolutely" debate Clark and Perriello. So Perriello sent out a press release saying he would also debate both of the challengers.

This was a big move by Perriello as it ensures that he will be put out there to face off against TWO challengers. It also would elevate Robert Hurt's profile in the district, as he is woefully underfunded against Perriello's war machine.

Thursday passed.

Suddenly, on Friday, Robert Hurt sent out an e-mail. Well, actually, LaCivita returned from his vacation and bitch slapped Sean Harrison for being an incompetent little punk. An e-mail was quickly put together that blames all of this on Tom Perriello!!

Yes, seriously. Hurt's campaign is trying to blame Perriello for the fact that they left virtually unchallenged for a week the claim by Brian McNeil that Hurt had agreed to debates with Clark and Perriello.

On top of that, they are trying to weasel their way out of the fact that Hurt was specifically asked about debates with both Clark and Perriello and, after trying to duck the question, told McNeil "absolutely" when pushed a second time.

If Hurt was confused by McNeil's question, no wonder he was so confused he voted for the largest tax increase in Virginia's history!

Hurt looks like a total idiot after this episode.

His campaign left unchallenged the Charlottesville Daily Progress for several days.

If he had been misquoted, Sean Harrison should have called Brian McNeil the same day to demand a correction.

This campaign is a total joke right now.

Oh, and also this week, Perriello inched closer to the coveted NRA endorsement in the 5th District.

Drip . . . Drip . . . Drip . . .


  1. NAS, Perriello wants to debate both Hurt & Clark. Because Clark will attack Hurt (because that is the bulk of what I've seen from him) & Perriello will just grin.

    Perriello's dream come true.

  2. NAS, I warned you during the primary, when you kept saying that RH was screwing up here and there, that it was all by design and part of a masterfully planned primary campaign!

    You doubted me, but then, I showed you the error of your ways when the primary was over and I truly thought you had repented!

    Alas, I find you once again doubting the supremely masterful plan for the general election as it unfolds before you! You must remember, everything is planned and has been accounted for by RH! He really is a superior representative of the people who knows ahead of time the wiley ways his competitors will go in this campaign!

    He is determined to plan for every contingency that they can come up with and to be ready for a counter-blow that will keep the socialists (Perriello and Clark) off base! And, it IS working!

    Watch how this debate spectacle plays out! It is so amazing how perceptive RH is to these attempts by the Pelosi pawn twins, Perriello and Clark, to outflank him! It just can't be done!

    NAS, I invite you to join the 5th District team!