Thursday, August 19, 2010

Debate Debates Continues

The debate over debates continues, this time from Tom Perriello's camp.

I complained that Hurt was making a mistake to duck the debates, and now we have an ad from Perriello playing up Hurt's refusal to show up to the "job interview." I think this is a great way of phrasing it. Hurt is just another wealthy and well connected kid who expects to get a job or admission into college because of his daddy's connections. He's not willing to work for it.

Sadly, the Hurt campaign responded by accusing Perriello of "going negative." What was Hurt's first web video about, calling out Tom Perriello for not being "one of us." It seems that Hurt has gone negative too, and with good reason. You can't say anything nice about the candidates.

Perhaps Hurt should have attacked Perriello for focusing on distracting gimmicks like debates over debates instead of "going negative." While Perriello was making this ad, he was ignoring the issue of illegal immigration or the spread of Jihadists across the United States. It's time to have a real debate, one about the issues.

1 comment:

  1. this ad is very subtle. Perriello knows that to win re-election, he must elevate Jeff Clark to 8-12% of the vote.

    do you see Jeff Clark sitting here in this ad? as if he & Perriello are on the same side?

    this helps Jeff Clark.