Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Robert Hurt is a Coward

Based on the polling out right now lifelong politician and Southside scion Robert Hurt looks likely to be the next Congressman from the Fifth District of Virginia. Which is entirely fair in the United States of America, the land of the free and the home of the brave. We don't need no stinkin' democracy! Hurt's family has worked very very hard to accumulate wealth, prestige, and influence in order to buy off Southside's establishment to get their boy Robert into Congress. And we know that Robert will always be in debt to both his family and the Beltway political machine that hand selected him to run. So it's a win-win-win situation. A win for Hurt's family. A win for establishment Republicans. And a win for Robert Hurt. What's not to like?

But Robert Hurt might want to ask Tommy Boy to leave some things around the office for when he takes over. You know, anything that would be helpful. A map of the district (since he doesn't go up to Charlottesville much), some fancy pens (pretty!), a spine and the massive pair of balls that Perriello has been hauling around the district in his pick up truck. Because Hurt doesn't have anything to show that he's a man. Are his kids adopted? I don't he has the ability to impregnate an ovulating Mexican trying to conceive an anchor baby with whatever he's working with right now. Maybe too many drugs in college have dulled his male instincts?

Today, Hurt became the first politician ever to back out of the Senior Statesman debate since it started in 1996. Did our dear friend L. F. Payne ever back out? No! Did Virgil ever decided that putting himself up against the jokers the Democrats ran against him was beneath him? No!

Robert Hurt has held every position possible on debates. First he said he would debate Clark. Then he said he would with certain qualifications. Then he said he would never debate Clark. He's backed out of almost every debate imaginable. No since Green Eggs and Ham has someone refused multiple offers in so many ways.

Why is Hurt hiding? He is ahead in the polls. He should have the confidence to go into the debates. Is it that Clark is beneath him? Why is Clark any less of a viable candidate than Ron Ferrin, who Hurt was willing to debate? Is it that including Clark in the debates would elevate him? Who cares? Goode was willing to debate Meredith Richards, who was so far to the left appearing on stage with Goode was the most reasonable thing she had ever done. That certainly elevated her campaign!!

Hurt should include Clark in the debates. Perriello has reached the point that he's willing to debate Hurt one on one if that's the only way Hurt will debate. But expect to see Tommy Boy showing up at every debate he is invited to for the campaign. Why is Hurt allowing Perriello to pick up this free media attention and make Hurt look bad? I can only blame his puppet masters in the Beltway establishment who think that Hurt isn't ready to debate Perriello. Hurt deserves better than this advice. So do the voters of the Fifth District of Virginia. Hurt should stand up to his puppet masters now, or else we'll be electing a coward to Congress.


  1. va5thdistrict who make me laugh. You ran the least effective, very negative and most expensive per vote race in the history of the 5th district. Seriously, your guy got 800 votes after spending $350k+. Your opinion is just sour grapes.

    Not debating Clark is a tactical decision, if Hurt and Perriello have four 1-on-1 debates no one will ever remember this and Clark will be a tiny also ran.

    People will insist Hurt has to debate, it just has to be against Perriello for them to be satisfied.

  2. Well Perriello has called Hurt out and has asked for four one-on-one televised debates. It is now up to Hurt to step up and be a man, or run away and hide like a little girl.

  3. Funny that a blogger too cowardly to even publish under their own name goes around calling everyone else cowards (except Tom Perriello, who you apparently admire?).

    Slander, lies and intellectual dishonesty... good job, you hit a jackpot with this post.

  4. NAS, you have reached way, way up your butt time and come up with a total load of crap this time! Everything you say or post now will also be pure CRAP because of how far you have drawn yourself through the gutter in order to make this post! I hope you are ashamed of yourself !

    Whoever you hold allegiance to is surely trying to distance themselves away from you now, including the entire electorate of the 5th District. I hope you got some satisfaction out of writing this post because it will surely be a monkey on your back forever! Good luck! No, better yet, really break a leg!