Monday, August 23, 2010

Schilling Come Lately

Poor little "Shill" Schilling is crying that in an article about Robert Hurt flip flopping on the 14th Amendment, Tommy Boy's position is only quoted through his press secretary and not directly. Somehow the Shill missed that this was the standard modus of operation for Robert Hurt throughout this entire election cycle and that he continues to hide behind his puppet master Chris LaCivita. Even more, the Shill misses that this wasn't a direct quote from Hurt in conversation, but an e-mail. An e-mail that contradicts his in-person statements on the campaign trail!

Hurt’s position on the issue, e-mailed to The Daily Progress on Wednesday, seems to contradict a statement he made about birthright citizenship the following day in Chase City.

At a forum held by the Chase City Chamber of Commerce, a questioner asked Hurt: “The 14th Amendment says that anybody that comes into this country and has a child, that child born in this country is a citizen of the United States. When you go to Walmart or wherever, you see all these immigrants with several children — and they’ve always got another one on the way — you don’t know if they’re legal or illegal. But when they’re born here, that puts the expense on us because they have those rights. Do you think we need to put a limit on the 14th Amendment to stop that?”

According to a video of the exchange posted on YouTube by the Democratic Party of Virginia this weekend, Hurt replied: “I think the first and most direct thing that we have to do is, is we’ve got to address the immigration — we’ve got to stop it at the border. And that’s the problem. We’ve just been allowing it to happen. We wouldn’t be having that discussion if we’d just do our job at the border.

“But I think that’s something we have to revisit,” Hurt continued. “Because I think we would all agree our founders did not envision what we’ve got now.”

Hurt’s campaign did not immediately return a call for comment Saturday about the apparent discrepancy between his statements on the issue.

The Shill is upset that the Daily Progress is providing more coverage of Hurt and his quotes than Perriello's position on the issue. Maybe it's because two contrasting positions are harder to cover than one? The paper covers all four candidates: Tom Perriello, Jeff Clark, Robert Hurt, and the other Robert Hurt. The Shill is a Schilling come lately trying to complain about candidates hiding behind their campaign staff, but in his rush to boost ratings he's going after Perriello instead of being an objective commentator on the race. For shame Shill!

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  1. Why Schilling has a show is beyond me, he's a cranky idiot, who wouldn't know research if it bit his finger off.