Friday, August 27, 2010

Will Perriello Call for Geithner to be Fired?

As anyone following Tom Perriello knows, Perriello has not been a fan of much of Obama's economic team. He has campaigned against the Wall Street bailout from the start and opposes almost anything from the Obama administration that has the fingerprints of Goldman Sachs on it. He's an angry populist who wants more money to union thugs, not Wall Street CEOs. Fair is fair I guess. I'd worry about any Wall Street CEO that met Tom Perriello in a dark street. Collateral damage and all . . .

Now, the national media is starting to notice that Perriello wants Treasury Secretary Geithner gone. Yawn, old news! But apparently not. The absurd demand now being made is that Perriello has to "officially" come out for Geithner to be fired, as if constantly saying so in almost every town hall isn't enough. Or better yet, he has to make the call from Washington, where words apparently have more meaning than in Virginia in front of his district.

So here are my demands for Perriello in order to show that he really, really, wants to fire Geithner.

He must call for him to go on a boat.
And he must do it with a goat?
He must make his call in the rain.
And shout for Geithner's fire on a train.

Where else must Tom call for Tim to go?
Maybe in the dark?
Or on a tree?
Maybe in a cart?
We can't let Tom be!

Should he, would he, on a box?
We must make demands with a fox.
Demand he make a speech in the House.
And oppose Geithner with a mouse.
Perriello must oppose Tim here or there.
Perriello must call for Geithner's oust everywhere.


  1. NAS ! Stop whatever socialistic diatribe you are writing in your attempt to defeat the only real conservative running in the 5th district….Robert Hurt!

    Instead, direct your attention to today’s Charlottesville Daily Progress online article entitled……………”5th Candidate has long history of personal debt!”

    Now we know why Clark has been the “GHOST candidate” of Pelosi and Perriello all along and why he consistently refused to divulge any concrete information about his personal history.

    Clark is a credit risk for any banking concern regardless of his reasons! What OTHER issues is he hiding by refusing to divulge his real personal background?

  2. Tim Geithner should be fired. We need to get back to a moral economic system.