Sunday, August 15, 2010

How Out of Touch Are Hurtards?

The longer this campaign goes on, the more difficult it is for me to stick to my belief that Robert Hurt is the best way to eliminate Tom Perriello from office. I agree with Jeff Clark on the major issues and I believe that as a veteran and small business owner he has the real world experience our representatives need, unlike the wealthy Robert Hurt who is entirely out of touch with the problems facing working Virginians. But Clark was stabbed in the back by Jim "Judas" McKelvey (I wonder what his 14 pieces of silver will be) and Hurt continues to lock Clark out of major debates. Hurt may win but he's acting like a "sore winner" who is totally insecure in his upcoming victory. Voting for him will leave a bad taste in my mouth I'm not looking forward to.

Hurt's supporters, the Hurtards, are making it even more difficult. Their constant stream of letters to the editor seem like they are all coming from the same playbook of Chris LaCivita, finding minor things to complain about like the timing of town halls. What about the major issues? I guess LaCivita doesn't want to address the major issues. His messaging certainly shows how out of touch he is from reality in Southside. Check out this letter.

Say what you will about Virgil Goode, but he served us very well as a Democrat, an independent and a Republican. I will admit that he wasn’t flashy and did not make a lot of noise, but he stuck to and voted the conservative values of the people of the Fifth District.

Virgil wasn't flashy? Didn't make a lot of noise? Hello?

What universe are you from "Bill Henderson of Danville," assuming that you actually wrote that letter on your own and didn't have it dictated to you by Sean "P. Diddy" Harrison or Chris LaCivitia. Virgil Goode made noise. He took on the powerful liberal machine. And what's why they backed Perriello in 2008. I'm sick and tired of the Hurtards attacking Perriello as a mindless puppet of Pelosi and the Democrats. He's not a pawn, he's at least a rook or a knight on their chessboard. Hurt's campaign needs to stop focusing on Nancy Pelosi and start focusing on the very real danger created by Tommy Boy himself.


  1. Wow, NAS ! Three loads of CRAP from you in less than a week! Have you changed your diet? Yes, it is obvious that you are consuming a lot of Pelosi-Perriello peas, Obama onions and a whole lot of Clark corn!

    I would recommend a change in diet for the coming weeks ………….. try some southern Virginia Hurt ham! It’s very good for weak stomachs!

  2. a constant stream of Letters to the Editors is somehow a bad thing?

    and running a law office is running a small business. there is only one income-producer & that attorney must support staff first, overhead & them him/herself. much like every other small business in the world.

    and if Hurt is wealthy, he should lend his campaign $500,000. or maybe a $1 million.