Friday, August 13, 2010

Slow News Day in Southside?

By ducking debates and whining about the schedule of Perriello's town hall schedule, Robert Hurt has raised serious questions about the credibility of his campaign against Tom Perriello. Right now the only thing going for Hurt is that he is, technically, a Republican. That his campaign's complaints about Perriello's Chatham town hall actually made it into the paper shows just how much of a slow news day it must be. In a more honorable society, Catherine Amos would be considering seppuku for the shame she has brought onto all reporters everywhere.

The complaints stem from that fact that in the mythical world of Chatham everyone is working or getting the kids ready for school at 7:30 Monday morning. In Chatham, a land where I think hobbits also exist, there are no senior citizens with nothing to do who might have complained last year that the town halls were too late in the evening for them. In mythical Chatham, everyone has the exact same schedule and no one works odd hours so that a 7:30 morning town hall is more convenient than a 6:00 evening town hall. And in Chatham, the residents are so afraid of driving to the big city Danville, they can't go to the Perriello town hall the next day in the evening!

Whine, whine, whine. Perriello is yet again holding more town halls than anyone else and yet again Hurt is complaining that it isn't enough. Where are Hurt's town halls? Where are his public appearances? I guess Hurt has better things to do than actually campaign for the job he wants. I guess he's just like the rest of Chatham. He's too lazy to campaign, and they are too lazy to drive to Danville.


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  2. Another load of CRAP from the web’s CRAP-Master and Chief Gutter Hog, NAS! Keep it up!