Friday, September 11, 2009

A 9-11 Lesson: Public Servants, Not Perfect Servants

Today I want to highlight an important lesson from 9-11: ordinary citizens are capable of extraordinary acts of heroism and bravery.

I want to connect this to a line from the Reverend Jesse Jackson, the hero of liberal activists. When faced with criticism over his statements, actions, and other antics, the good Reverend would note that he was a public servant, not a perfect servant.

That's fair.

To quote President Obama on Congressman Wilson, "We all make mistakes."

And so that brings me to discuss Republican 5th District Candidate Bradley Rees and some recent mistakes he has made.

That's all they are mistakes. Rees is running for Congress not because he thinks he's better than us (we have plenty in Congress like that already) but because he's one of us. Like us, he makes mistakes. And that should be the end of the story.

But here's what I want to say about Rees. He's been an open, transparent, and accessible candidate for public office.

Here are a few recent tweets in response to questions I've asked over the last week:

@NotAndySere After looking into the vote in question [Warner's tax increase], I have to say, unequivocally, I'd have voted "NO!" Yes, in caps. :D

And on the importance of online conservative activism:

@NotAndySere It's absolutely necessary. R's got creamed on the nets in the last 3 election cycles. We must gain a foothold, ASAP.

@NotAndySere Also, as a long-time grassroots activist, I understand how coalitions are built. Ignoring resources=no structural integrity.

Thanks to Rees for responding to the questions so far. I'm sure I'll have more. And keep up the good work.

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