Friday, September 4, 2009

Virginia's Huey, Dewey, and Louie

Virginia's three little Democrat ducklings, Glenn, Tom, and Gerry, are running scared. They've formed a new "Virginia Freshmen Victory Fund" to help raise money for their 2010 un-election campaigns.

Run for the hills!

All three of these guys, even Gerry, have good reasons to be afraid.

Gerry ran behind Barack Obama in a big year for Democratic performance in Northern Virginia. Democrats have had more modest margins in Northern Virginia and the 11th District in other elections. Bob McDonnell's performance this fall will be an earlier indicator of just how weak Democratic enthusiasm is in the 11th. And we know for sure that Gerry generates little Democratic enthusiasm on his own.

We've talked about Pretty Boy Glenn before. He's already running scared and this is just another sign. I look forward to watching Governor Bob McDonnell stump for Scott Rigell alongside Delegates Chris Stolle and Ronald Villanueva. Now that will be an event!

Laurence Verga has jumped into the race against Tommy Boy but I'm holding out judgment on him right now. His failure to know the difference between the 6th and 5th Districts isn't a good start. The problem is that the Republcians of the 5th District demonstrated a failure of leadership in letting Tommy win in the first place. Some new blood, be it Verga or Rees, is badly needed. But it's got to be the right sort of new blood.

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