Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bob's Got To Go!!

Don't worry fellow Republicans, I'm not about to come out and endorse Creigh Deeds. I'm not talking about Bob McDonnell. I'm talking about South Carolina Representative and so-called Republican Bob Inglis.

Let's look at Bob's recent record. During an August town hall told his constituents who are fearful of Obama's socialism to "Turn Glenn Beck Off." I guess he doesn't want his constituents to know about Obama's death panels. He said of his town hall, "What you saw tonight was people who had been convinced of this negativism, and are detaching from the communities and institutions that hold us together."

Detaching?! Bob needs to turn off Keith Olbermann and turn on Fox News because he's the one detaching from reality!

Just this week, Bob Inglis was one of only seven Republicans to vote against his fellow South Carolina Republican Joe Wilson for standing up to Obama's lies about giving health care to illegal immigrants. One of seven.

With such a liberal record it's no wonder that Bob's being challenged from within the Republican Party. South Carolina State Senator David Thomas is one such challenger and said he was “disappointed” in Inglis for voting against President Bush's troop surge that has ultimately created victory in Iraq. Inglis also voted for the bailout last year!

According to Politico, it gets worse:

His role on the House Judiciary Committee is also proving troublesome. In 2006, he was the deciding vote in preventing from reaching the House floor legislation designed to ensure constitutional protection of the phrase “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Anti-Glenn Beck. Anti-Victory in Iraq. Pro-Bailout. Pro-Health Care for Illegal Immigrants. And then Anti-Under God?!

Can it get any worse?

Yes it can!

Today news broke that the Obama administration has concluded that legislation to stop "global climate change" would increase taxes up to $200 billion a year! This internal analysis was conducted earlier in the legislative process and looked at both the so-called "cap and trade" approach and a carbon tax approach. Both were estimated to cost about 1% of GDP! While most of the attention has been given to the cap and tax bill that passed the House, conservatives should be upset by the fact that Bob Inglis supports a carbon tax! According to the Heritage Foundation this too would be an "economy killer."

How is this guy still in the Republican Party? He's pushing a proposal to increase taxes on American families by $1,761 per year! According to the report, "Economic costs will likely be on the order of 1 percent of GDP, making them equal in scale to all existing environmental regulation." More regulation than all existing environmental regulation combine?!

Bob's got to go! Good luck David Thomas!

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