Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bob McDonnell & Pro-Family Voters

In 1991, following a conservative avalanche in Virginia Beach, then Christian Coalition Executive Director Ralph Reed said of newly elected Delegate Bob McDonnell, "Bob McDonnell is going to Richmond because of Christian and pro-family voters. Period. End of story."

Here is my 2009 reaction to the liberal media and the bloggers gleefully attacking Bob McDonnell for his 1989 thesis on promoting healthy marriages and stable families, "Bob McDonnell is going to Richmond because of Christian and pro-family voters. Period. End of story."

Liberals aren't going to win this election. Christian and pro-family voters are going to win and they are going to win with McDonnell, Bolling, and Cuccinelli.

Look back to 1991:

Robertson Organization Gets Credit for Beach Election Outcome
11 November 1991
The Associated Press

Pat Robertson's Christian Coalition, buoyed by a show of political muscle in Virginia's General Assembly elections last week, will welcome Vice President Dan Quayle at its "Road to Victory" conference on Friday.

The conference "will change the direction of American politics," Robertson said in a letter to supporters last month. "We will discuss strategy for turning out over 20 million pro-family voters in 1992."

The coalition, employing grassroots tactics learned in Robertson's unsuccessful presidential bid in 1988, is being given some of the credit for the victories of Republican candidates in Virginia Beach races Nov. 5.

Republicans won seven of nine races in the city, ousting two incumbents and taking two open seats. Although the coalition doesn't endorse candidates or parties, it pushes a "pro-family" agenda that many GOP candidates follow, said Ralph E. Reed Jr., executive director of the organization.


According to Reed, the coalition's work was responsible for the victory of Republican Robert F. McDonnell, a Virginia Beach prosecutor and graduate of Robertson's Regent University, over 20-year incumbent Democrat Glenn B. McClanan in the 84th House of Delegates district.


Reed agreed that the coalition tilted the playing field. "I want to be invisible," he said. "I do guerrilla warfare. I paint my face and travel at night. You don't know it's over until you're in a body bag. You don't know until election night.

The Democrats are going to need a lot of body bags for November 3rd. They are going to be completely surprised by the mass of Christian and pro-family voters that will turn out on Election Day in defense of Bob McDonnell.

Bob McDonnell, his past, and his current campaign are like a Who's Who of the Christian and pro-family movement in politics. His campaign manager, Philip Cox, was involved in the Faith and Family Alliance, a key political advocacy group linked to Ralph Reed. Faith and Family Alliance also involved Pat Mullins, the new Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia. These guys get grassroots politics in a way rivaled only by other long time politicos like Tucker Watkins. Robin Vanderwall, who succeeded Cox as the alliance's executive director, also worked for Bob McDonnell in 1999. He has had some unfortunate legal problems and is in jail serving a seven-year prison sentence for soliciting sex from a minor on the Internet. A few bad apples among McDonnell's associates don't bother me much. Even Jesus had Judas.

Once elected, Bob McDonnell will be facing almost 4,000 appointments to fill. Think of the influence that his pro-family agenda will have through College Boards of Visitors and state agencies. Think of good conservative leadership at our public institutions like the College of William and Mary preventing radical liberals from seizing power ever again. This is an agenda that binds together all Republicans. Even moderate Northern Virginia Republican Tim Hugo said that William and Mary's liberal actions made it a joke. Under McDonnell, we won't have radical liberals in power anywhere in the Commonwealth. College Boards of Visitors will look a lot like Regent and Liberty. Amen.

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