Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Eric Cantor Courting Glenn Nye to Switch Parties

Exhibit A: The Hill profiles 23 Democrats they say are a "no" on healthcare reform.

Glenn Nye isn't listed.

Exhibit B: Minority Whip Eric Cantor of Virginia puts out a list of 44 Democrats the Republican Party views as "no" on healthcare reform based on public comments during the August recess.

Glenn Nye isn't listed.

Exhibit C: During the August Recess, Glenn Nye holds what ends up being his first, last and only public forum on health care with Republican Congressman Rob Wittman.

They both agree, "the most recent legislation in the US House of Representatives is not the answer for Americans, particularly the portion that creates a public government insurance option."

During the August recess, Glenn Nye showed an impressive ability to cut and run whenever he thought constituents might show up and ask him questions about his legislative record.

Everyone knows Glenn Nye is a no on healthcare reform.

The 2nd district voted narrow for Obama in 2008 after consistently favoring Bush in the past. He is a vulnerable Democrat going into 2010. But the NRCC's Andy Sere (a good friend!) has been absent in news stories about Glenn Nye despite the ample ammo Nye has provided with his antics. But Sere has been quick to jump on other Democrats like Tom Perriello, Bobby Bright, and Larry Kissell.

What gives?

Why are Andy Sere and Eric Cantor going out of their way to reduce the heat Glenn Nye is feeling from conservatives?

Especially at a time when progressives are increasing their heat on Glenn Nye?

Andy Sere and Eric Cantor are undermining the efforts of state and local Republicans, and grassroots conservatives, to defeat Glenn Nye. Here in Virginia, we have united behind Scott Rigell. But Sere, Cantor and the National Republicans are playing softball. More inside the Beltway crap.


Eric Cantor seems to be courting Glenn Nye to switch parties. Both know that if Nye switched now he would face an angry conservative base over his vote for Obama's pork-filled "stimulus" and other liberal policies. State and local Republicans would want a true conservative in office and Nye would be defeated in a GOP primary. But if Cantor is able to manipulate Sere and the media into playing soft with Glenn Nye his reelection becomes a lot easier. Which clears the way for Nye to switch parties AFTER the election in 2010.

Why else would Republican Congressman Rob Wittman go out of his way to host an event with Glenn Nye and help the vulnerable young Democrat? Because Eric Cantor told him to!

What's in this for Cantor?

That will be revealed in the future . . .

But how can Nye expect Democrats to work for his reelection in 2010 if they can't trust him to stay a Democrat after the victory party?

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