Wednesday, September 1, 2010

More Dirty Politics from Robert Hurt

Independence conservative Jeff Clark has some problems with debt in his past. A small business owner, a veteran who served this country, and the father of another service member fighting for our freedoms abroad, Jeff Clark isn't perfect. Unlike Robert Hurt, who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and has never had to worry about money (until he tried to run for Congress), Clark has had some financial difficulties. Now what's ironic is that this is being brought up as a bad thing. I don't remember Congress passing a multi-billion dollar bailout for Jeff Clark. But I do remember a multi-billion dollar bailout for Wall Street that was supported by the leadership of both the Democrat and Republican Parties, including Hurt's BFF Eric Cantor . . .

I'd rather have a Congressman like Jeff Clark who understands the difficulties facing average Americans than a guy like Robert Hurt who just smiles and pretends to care.

Now I'm all for making sure that due diligence is done in looking into candidates for public office. As public servants, politicians are asking for us to look into their past. They will be yelled at, screamed at, insulted, threatened, and even terrorized. Or they can be like Hurt and avoid public appearances.

What I have a problem with is when dirt diggers and mud slingers hide from the attacks they hurl. We know that reporter Brian McNeill was provided the information on Clark; he didn't do the research himself. While some parts of Clark's record are available through public documents, the fact that private information like his Social Security should worry an average citizen. Do you want some high paid Washington consultant digging through your garbage just to further Robert Hurt's career?

What don't we know about Robert Hurt's Washington DC campaign?

We already know a little bit about the leading campaign consultant Chris LaCivitia and his dirty brand of politics.

And then there's the new Washington hire by career politician Robert Hurt, Amanda Henneberg. Hennenberg was last seen trying to help RINO Charlie Christ convince the people of Florida that he had a conservative record, so I guess she's just the type of person to help out Hurt. I wonder if I can expect a call from her tomorrow morning to complain about my blog post?

And now we're starting to learn more about this Jackson Alvarez Group, the opposition research firm for Robert Hurt. What hand did they play behind the attacks against Feda Morton during the primary? Who is Gary Maloney?

Finally, there's Mark Lloyd, the so-called "Chairman" of the practically dead Lynchburg Tea Party. Lloyd is now going back on the group's earlier stance onn refusing to endorse any candidates in the Virginia 5th race. The Vice-Chair of the organization has resigned and Lloyd himself seems to be more than willing to play the role of lapdog to Robert Hurt. Just like the slew of other Republicans running in the primary, Lloyd talked a good game about being a consistent conservative but is crawling back to the establishment. It's pathetic and just another sign that the Tea Party and independent conservatives Jeff Clark will have a difficult road in toppling the establishment. I wish him the best of luck.

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  1. It blows our minds how far off you can be from reality, NAS! Clark wants "full disclosure" in the

    Yet, for months I have consistently asked for on YOUR blog and many others for Clark to FULLY DISCLOSE his own personal background and he has refused to do so and YOU have refused to ask him to do so!

    Now, that something (and who knows how much else is out there on Clark) has finally been DISCLOSED, he and you are all bitching that it is some kind of ambush! That's just bullcrap!

    He was asked for info over and over and never revealed anything beyond his political beliefs and that he was a "Danville businessman".

    Well, guess what NAS? That don't git it in the 5th!!! Thousands of us 5thers wanted to know more and some of them did the research that you and other bloggers should have done!!! Shame on you for slouching your job!

    Now, you're trying to blame your slouching on Robert Hurt and his campaign? Wrong, wrong, wrong! Shame on you again!

    With all your screwups, I personally don't see how you can stand to continue as an ALLEDGED blogger with any professional ethics in mind! Do us all a favor and close this mother down!