Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Another Day, Another Victory for Gun Rights, NRA, and Perriello

Last week, the NRA won a crucial exemption for itself and other large grassroots organization from a new campaign disclosure bill that passed the House of Representatives. A lot of liberals were upset because they hate the NRA and gun rights to their very core. Tom Perriello, who's been perfect on gun rights so far in Congress, came out strong in defense of the NRA.

Another day, and another victory for gun rights and the NRA. The Supreme Court has struck down some absurd gun control laws in Chicago that banned the ownership of handguns. And again, we find Perriello applauding the victory.

I questioned Robert Hurt's use of his NRA rating throughout the primary. I am still confused as to why he continues to push the issue. First, it's stupid to use it as a defense against the charge of raising taxes . . .

Tea Partier: Robert Hurt raised my taxes! I don't like him!

Hurtard: But Hurt like guns!

Tea Partier: I didn't complain about his stance on guns, I complained about taxes!

Hurtard: Guns! Abortion! Marriage! Conservative! La la la la la I'm not listening!

Tea Partier: Taxes Taxes Taxes Taxes!!! Why aren't you listening?!

That's pretty much the Republican primary this year.

Now the Hurtards are focusing on gun rights again, against Perriello. But again it's non-starter . . .

Hurtard: Vote for Robert! He likes guns!

Charlottesville Liberal: So does Tommy . . . grumble grumble

Hurtard: I'm still not listening because I cannot acknowledge that Perriello isn't as liberal as Tucker has told me!

If that's the general election I may move.

Hurt spent the primary convincing people that his A rating from the NRA meant he was conservative. He's now moving to the general election where Perriello will get the NRA endorsement. Hurt's primary logic would argue that this makes Perriello conservative. Hurt now has to explain how being conservative is more than just checking off boxes.

Governor McDonnell ran on a platform of positive, forward-thinking conservative proposals like privatizing the ABC stories and offshore drilling. Deeds ran against McDonnell and lost. Kilgore ran against Kaine and lost. Kerry ran against Bush and lost. Run against someone and people know what you're against, but not what you're for. Candidates that run on principles have a better chance at victory. Now is the time for Hurt to tell us what he is for.


  1. perriello is as liberal as they come. He would have voted for the DISCLOSE act whether the NRA got an exemption or not.

    and the bank/fin reform bill? he voted for that which adds billions more to our debt. and another layer of bureaucracy. and taxes small banks (so they can pass along that burden to us).

    this is just this week's votes. Don't forget Stimulus, cap & trade, Obamacare. Not only do these programs waste money or destroy our economy, they also cost money. The man is very, very liberal.

  2. Kelley, stop. You're embarrassing yourself. Perriello did not vote for the financial reform bill.

  3. sorry NAS, you cannot say that TP hasn't voted for financial reform bill. will look HR#s today.

    then you may stop embarrassing yourself. Perriello is a liberal.

  4. let's see how he votes today on the re-hash. the Dems want to end TARP early & take the 11billion to finance bank reform. But didn't the TARP funds, by law, go back to reduce deficit if unused?

  5. Kelley,

    So who was right and who was wrong?

  6. Speaking of re-hashs, NAS, I have one myself, just for you! I'm sure you will enjoy it!

    Remember during the primary campaign when you tried to make so much out of the fact that the NRCC did NOT pick Robert Hurt as one of its "Young Guns"? I'm sure you do! It was one of your favorite topics for quite a while!

    I'm sure you also remember me responding to say that it was all by design and part of a brilliantly planned campaign to ensure his primary win over all the competition! I also implied that when the time was right, he would definitely be named an NRCC "Young Gun"!

    Well, duh, guess what? Yep, he's just been picked by the NRCC as being "among the party's most highly-touted contenders." Imagine that! Ain't it a wonder?

    link>>> http://hotlineoncall.nationaljournal.com/archives/2010/06/nrcc_picks_new.php

    So, NAS, never doubt me when I tell you that it's all part of a brilliantly planned campaign to defeat the SOCIALIST Perriello and his pawn Jeff Clark who both pay allegiance to the infamous Madame Pelosi and her socialist minions!

    Join the Robert Hurt for Congress campaign now to defeat the Obama-Pelosi-Perriello-Clark mafia!

  7. NAS: which fin reform bill? if the one being re-haggled in Senate, then no, he didn't vote for that. shocking. but I spent part of today looking at some of his other, less publicized votes. I think he is a liberal. and bad for our district, our Commonwealth & our country.