Thursday, June 10, 2010

Good News for Liberty!

Jim McKelvey has formed a political action committee to help return citizen-legislators to office and restore our Republic. Let's cast out the career politicians! Here is his press release:

Today I'm announcing that I am filing the necessary paperwork for the formation of a Political Action Committee. The name of our PAC is the "Take Our Country Back PAC".

The purpose of this PAC is to seek out, support, educate, train and elect conservative candidates on the local and state level in the fifth district and throughout Virginia. Our PAC will be seeking to find candidates who have never run for public office before, but who share our conservative values and desire to serve our country in its time of need. Also, this Political Action Committee will urge lawmakers to sponsor and support legislation that I proposed during my campaign

During my time on the campaign trail, I had the opportunity to meet so many people who, like me, love their country but also fear the direction the government has taken it. There are so many wonderful Virginians who possess the necessary passion and ability to lead us, if we would just give them the chance. I'm establishing this PAC so they will have the opportunity to step forward and heed the call of service for our state and nation at the time when we need them the most. The purpose of this PAC is not to support career politicians, but rather it shall be the platform for everyday Americans to become our next leaders at every level of government.

Today, I funded the PAC with my own money, in order to plant the seed that will grow "citizen-legislators" within our society who will return our Republic back into the hands of the people.

I invite every Virginian who believes, like I do, in fiscal responsibility, the sanctity of human life, traditional family values, limited government, preserving and protecting our second amendment rights and returning to the principles of our Founding Fathers, of government of "By the people, For the people," to join me in the cause to Take Our Country Back from those career politicians who have corrupted our Founder's vision. The future of our children and our nation depend upon us stepping forward and making a difference so that we can return our nation to its position in the world as the beacon of freedom, the champion of liberty and the defender of the American Dream.

Go Jim!


  1. "this Political Action Committee will urge lawmakers to sponsor and support legislation that I proposed during my campaign".............

    So anyone who wants to be a candidate backed by YOUR PAC basically need to be a clone of Jim diversity allowed..........all interpretations of the "political truth" of a given position will be subjected to the decision of Jim McKelvey?

    This sounds a lot more like a monarchy than a Republic! And, a monarchy controledby a millionaire, if not a billionaire! Do we conservatives want to be ruled by a millionaire monarch? Is this the new way of the Tea Party? I certainly hope not!

    Give me more choices than just a millionaire monarch who will allow no deviation from his own proposals! I want FREEDOM, not a monarchy!

  2. did I read correctly that McK's PAC will help those not currently holding public office?

    that might be self-limiting. and sometimes people are in public office because 1: they want to make a difference & 2: they can get elected for whatever reason--message, delivery, location & general likeability.

    On November 3d, I don't want to think that many (perhaps including McK) fiddled while the 5th district burned.

  3. It's not monarchy for someone to form a PAC to support candidates with the same views as them. Why in the world would you give money to people you disagree with?!