Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What’s Next?

I couldn't have said it better myself:

So what is next. The prevailing wisdom is to “get behind the winner, so we can beat Perriello”. If by “get behind” they mean vote against Perriello then that is what most people will do. But you don’t win hard races with that tactic. Robert Hurt needs to give people reasons to get excited about him and to vote FOR him, not against the other guy.The concern I and others have, is that its going to be really hard to get people to go door to door for Robert Hurt in an effort to defeat Tom Perriello. TP has access to 5 Billion dollars of George Sorros money if he needs it. He can flood the district with calls,ads, and boots on the ground to topple his opponent.

How can we compete with that? Give us a reason to vote for you Robert.

A lot of people, including Hurt supporters, were critical of the host of non-Hurt candidates for running against Robert Hurt and not offering up a strong reason to be in support of them. That was an entirely valid criticism, but one that also holds true in November.

Robert Hurt has to give conservatives a reason to get excited about voting for him. He can't just run as the non-Tom Perriello.

The ball is in your court Robert.


  1. you are 1/2 correct. well, maybe more like 60% correct. RH does have to reach out--he has to work himself to the bone appearing at events & talking to people.

    But here is the 40% where you are not correct: we really do need to beat Perriello. So we can all approach this with an open mind & discover that Robert Hurt will indeed keep faith with conservatives, or we can take our ball, go home, sit home on 11/2 & let Perriello go back to DC.

    and I wrote long comment to below post, but it got shredded.

  2. Sorry the comment got shredded.

    After this primary, I'm cleaning the slate. I'm going into this election with an open mind. Clark, Perriello, Hurt, not voting, everything is on the table. I'm listening to everyone.

  3. open mind is good. From your previous posts, even though I have not agreed with all, I do not get the sense that you could support Perriello for some of his votes that allow more govt over-reach/intrusion into our lives. Or the economic ruin they would wreck.

    I do know that RH wants your vote. Can he come to your house? call you on the phone? I don't know. but he has more time now than he will in October. so call up to Chatham now. Get your questions answered. I don't know who you are, so I cant pass along that info: you will have to do it.

    will Jeff Clark have alot more time to talk to you? he sure will. But that might be because his campaign is not quite as busy (realistically).

  4. o/t: have seen you & shaun kenney trade tweets about McP being thrown into Watkins Abbitt's district. Is that too much of a stretch? do you have any other re-districting guesses? what about my area down here: Lunenburg?

  5. Kelley,

    I thought McPadden lived in the Red Hill precinct of Albemarle, which is already in Abbitt's district.

    I don't want anyone to challenge Abbitt! I just was saying if Abbitt were to retire I could see McPadden being a good candidate.

    Downstate Virginia will have to give up more seats to Northern Virginia. I don't know who that will cost but I'm almost certain that Bill Barlow's district will be killed by a thousand cuts. His more liberal precincts in Williamsburg will be shifted to Robin Abbott, the black precincts south of the river shifted to Roselyn Tyler, and the rest thrown in with surrounding Republican districts.